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Hire Closed Captioning Services

Get the SEO & accessibility benefits of professional closed captions now.

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The demand for accurate, timely, cost-effective closed captioning services is on a steep incline. Now that the shift from traditional linear television programs and broadcast TV shows to online video media is in full swing, the need for expertly crafted closed captions is more necessary than ever. We produce professional captions for every application.

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About Closed Captioning Services

Closed captions allow foreign, deaf, hard-of-hearing, or busy individuals—watching with the sound muted—access to your video content. 

Closed captions are essentially a transcription of the speech and sound effects in a timed text file format.  

During video playback, the player will read each line of captions and render the text on-screen. Caption files display during playback, and most video players allow users to turn the captions on or off at will.

Closed captioning services offer an affordable way for business or entertainers to translate the speech for foreign and deaf audiences alike.

Closed Captioning Process

We'll provided a closed captioning quote on receipt of the video.

Send your video to us, and we'll provide you with a fixed quote and turnaround time.

We'll create the closed captions.

We'll get to work transcribing the speech and SFX to create the caption file on your go-ahead. 

We'll encode the captions ready for Netflix and more.

We'll deliver closed caption files ready for use in any video player, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Elderly couple watch TV with closed captions on.

Learn more about Closed Captioning

Closed captions are a fundamental aspect of online video media today. Sourcing reliable closed captioning services is a must. With so many different languages and accents populating the online video sphere, the need for accurate, high quality, perfectly synced captions has is soaring.

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As of 2021, the worldwide market for online video streaming in all its formats is worth a staggering $71 billion with 1 billion worldwide consumers. Whatsmore the market isn't slowing down! The past year has seen a 20% growth in the revenue generated for the world economy and a 12% growth in video streaming users worldwide (Statista, 2021). 

With one in six adults having hearing loss in the UK alone, making video content available to everybody is vital for our modern world.

Consider for a moment that there are 6,909 languages (Linguistic Society, 2021), each with countless different dialects and accents. Accent variations make it challenging for same-language consumers to comprehend, e.g. a heavy Scottish accent may be incomprehensible to other English speakers without closed captions. 

So, what are the differences between open and closed captions? 


Closed captions are when the captions are in a text file format which you can turn off in the video player. YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo all support closed captions. As do Amazon Video, Netflix, Disney Plus and more. Almost all video players support the SRT caption file format, so it's the most frequently sought file for closed captions.


In contrast, open captions are burnt-in, i.e. encoded into the video file itself and cannot be turned off. Open captions are frequently used in business communications because the video player may not allow users to turn the captions on/off. There is also the possibility users may not realise captions are available. It's safer to use open captions and burn them in.

How else are closed captioning services used in media?

Films, TV series and video games adopt closed captions to translate speech for non-native viewers and occasionally for stylistic reasons.

The short of it is that we can handle all of your video accessibility needs no matter your captioning requirements. Our engineers are highly skilled at implementing both kinds of captions, and our transcription and captioning experts are brilliant at providing accurate captions for all your projects needs. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to ensure a high-quality finish with your required timescales.

We also offer various accessibility services, including audio description, British sign language and foreign-language subtitles. Reach out to our team now for instant support.


Closed captioning services for any medium