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Bracing for Impact in 3...2...1..

By Miles Chicoine | 17th March 2020

How is Voquent are preparing to continue operating as a leading provider in the voice-over industry, amidst the worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

Containment efforts, whilst wholly necessary, are going to inflict lasting collateral damage on a wide range of business sectors. As countries around the globe prepare to withstand the full force of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the extent and severity of the consequences - be it to the health of loved ones or our daily lives - are yet to reveal themselves.

As it stands, Voquent is one of the few lucky businesses that are both prepared and resilient enough to sustain our normal business operations amidst an unprecedented level of concern and anxiety in the world.  

Voquent will remain 100% fully operational.

This is not a “business-as-usual” climate for any of us, but at Voquent we are well equipped to deliver projects without disruption, at a fast pace and to the high standard of quality our customers have come to expect. Our entire infrastructure is built with leading providers of cloud-based applications. Furthermore, our staff are fully equipped to work from home.

The demand for voice over worldwide is increasing

Whilst many projects have been cancelled, the overall current volume of enquiries suggests that voice acting work is not going away and may very well increase. Not surprisingly, requests for medical voice-overs, explainers and IVR (telephone messaging systems) are up.

Voice work for the more “creative” media (games etc.) also continues to be sought after. We’re not naive, we fully expect a downturn in some areas, but overall work volumes remain high for the time being.

We will continue to pay ALL sub-contractors quickly.

Cash flow, for all businesses, is going to be put under increasingly significant pressure. But we’re not going to be part of the problem. We’ll continue to operate with the same fairness and integrity we’ve always been known for. No exceptions.

Shorter deadlines? No problem.

Voquent has a roster of over 10,000 experienced and voice-over talents from all around the world, covering 1,700+ distinct languages and dialects. Approximately 65% of the professional voice actors we work with also have professional studio recording environments at home. Travel restrictions, residential lock-downs and home isolations have led to an abundance of availability. This, in turn, is enabling shorter and quicker delivery schedules for clients.

Recording on location will be limited.

Recording sessions, scheduled at local studios are going to be severely disrupted, with attendance being restricted or even impossible in some cases. Voquent offers world-class remote-session hosting to ensure that live direction can be applied with voice over actors remotely.

Together, we will get through this!

If a virus can cross borders and boundaries so quickly and effortlessly, so too should our love and compassion for each other as human beings. This isn’t about platitudes and cliche's; we have genuine faith in the heroic capabilities of our species. We don’t succumb to fear.

There are countless movies and stories about humanity combining efforts and prevailing against seemingly insurmountable odds. This emergent health crisis is an opportunity for us all to demonstrate this for real.

Stay safe, stay positive and keep being amazing. 

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Miles Chicoine

Miles Chicoine

Managing Director and co-founder of Voquent.

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Miles Chicoine

Miles Chicoine

Managing Director and co-founder of Voquent.

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