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UK: +44 (0)203 603 3676

Casting Assistant

Casting Assistant

Full time employee

Glasgow office (100 Brand Street)

£Experience dependant

Production Director



Voquent.com are a fast-growing company dedicated to increasing and accelerating audience engagement in any language.  

We are looking for a Casting Assistant to work in our pre-production team. The role involves selecting voice actors for both commercial and entertainment projects. The candidate will have an instinct to discern talent and determine the best fit for each position, no matter how small. They take time to understand the requirements for each part and identify the best voice talent considering factors such as location, home studio quality, vocal range, versatility and experience. 

They will collaborate with freelance voice talents, actor agents, clients and the Voquent business team to prepare budgets, issue quotes and brief the post-production team.

Their responsibility is to ensure each project has the most appropriate voice actor(s) for every role within the clients budget.


  • Study the script & brief to understand the roles/characters
  • Collaborate with the client to determine a role's requirements such as gender, age, language, accent, tone etc.
  • Prepare and agree to budgets in collaboration with the business team and client
  • Set and negotiate rates for voice actors
  • Issue purchase orders to freelance actors and agents
  • Contact freelance voice actors and agents directly
  • Review audio demos/showreels and prepare shortlists for roles
  • Organise auditions and readings and prepare shortlists for roles
  • Interview actors and determine their suitability for the part
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal ability


  • A degree in a relevant field such as audio engineering or film
  • Previous experience working in a production team
  • Previous experience working in a customer service role
  • Previous experience coordinating freelancers


Our vision is to empower content creators to reach the broadest possible audience. Customers include many of the world's top brands, marketing firms and technology companies. We facilitate the casting of professional voice actors for countless projects, including commercials, animations, explainers, computer games and more. We offer a specialist media production service - from voice actor casting and recording to editing and delivery. Additionally, we provide audio-visual translation services to localise graphics, provide dubbing or subtitles. We also make video content accessible to audiences with disabilities, using BSL, captions and Audio Descriptions.

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