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Video Game Localization Services

Connect with gamers from around the world with our professional video game localization services, for any language.

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Video games are one of the most popular mediums in modern entertainment. As a part of people’s daily lives, gaming media has stormed the world and connects with hundreds of millions of people. Video game localization services are essential for accessing the lives of foreign speakers in an authentic and accurate manner. 

Video Game Localization Services for Any Language

Video game media has evolved far beyond the old days of arcades and pixel art. The modern gaming landscape is utterly massive, with enthusiasts living in all corners of the world. With the audience numbering in the billions, there has never been a better time to exist in this industry. However, why limit your project to a single language?

Voquent’s top-tier video game localization services can adapt any genre or style of game to international demographics. All sorts of pieces make up a video game; speech, subtitling, graphics, in-game text, menus, and more! We recognise this and know that few organisations are properly equipped to manage this process. Our understanding and experience with games inform our approach and say that we can help you.

We never use machine automation, we provide each part of our video game localization services with expert production managers to oversee the process. 

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A game can take many forms in the digital age; the game's platform may indicate which video game localization services are best suited. Mobile phones are a popular gaming medium, especially in Asian countries, and the games typically employ less voice-over and more text. Localizing these games will be text-heavy and may be best suited to Japanese voice-over talents to connect with the most suitable demographic.

Conversely, a Triple-A, console-based game may require more detailed voice acting, as it weaves an emotional story. The video game localization services used in this process will be more voice intensive and may need strict artistic direction.

Regardless of your game’s style, platform, or audience, Voquent is perfect for ensuring the best quality results. Our team of linguistic professionals are ready for any language or project; we understand the difference between gaming media and can account for it adeptly.

We offer professional, hand-crafted translations and subtitling services across our localization process. Pick and choose what suits your budget – we work around your specifications. If you are only looking for one element of localization, don’t fret! Reach out to us, and we can ensure that your project goes smoothly.

What we need to get started

Providing us with the foundation files is the best place to start. Any video files, scripts, audio files, graphics, animations, anything that could be relevant. These elements are the best place to start and ensure the quality of the project matches the original. With a video game, this can be tricky to nail down precisely, but the more content we have, the better.

Our professional production team have worked on various gaming projects and provided localization services across thousands of projects. You can rest assured that we have experience in gaming media and understand how important the highest quality video game localization services are in reaching global audiences. 

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