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Oceanic Narrators

Find an Oceanic English Narrator for Polynesian and Australian audiences.

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About Oceanic Narrators

Within the oceanic continent's bounds, there is a wide variety of different accents to choose from. The sheer scale and diversity of the continent can make it challenging to select a language to focus on, but a good majority of Oceania will understand English.

For this reason, Oceanic English Narrators are the go-to for communicating ideas to Oceanic audiences. If you have an international brand or image, then localising your narration with an Oceanic accent is an excellent way to connect with such a culturally abstract continent.

Finding that perfect Oceanic English Narrator will depend on where exactly in Oceania the narrator is from and what audiences or accent you want for your project.

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Learn about narrator voices with Oceanic accents

Oceania spans a vast area consisting of Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia and includes 15 countries, 18 external dependencies, and eight internal dependencies. It is home to over 41 million people and has a GDP of $1.63 trillion. It is undoubtedly a place to consider for your brand or message and not a place to discount.

Fun fact: Hawaii is considered a part of the Oceanic continent rather than the North or South American continents. Despite being a part of the United States of America, the state is not within the bounds of the American continent.

That being said, Oceania is home to cultures as diverse as Indonesia, New Zealand, and even small slices of the U.S. like the incorporated state of Guam. Because of this mixed bag, English has risen as one of the main languages between all of the varying cultures in the continent.

It is crucial to learn about what audience you want to reach and tailor your narrator to suit. For example, you can find our pages on Australian English and New Zealand English; if you're going to tailor these areas more specifically.

Part of what we do here at Voquent is making sure that we can provide narrators to tailor your message, brand, or project to audiences of any description, no matter how niche. Our expertise is the provision of languages, accents, and dialects. Our status as an industry leader provides us with access to native recording studios in Oceania and native Oceanic English Narrators to give you narration that authentic style.

All the narrators we work with here on Voquent have been vetted, as have the recording studios, to make sure that they are up to the high standard we keep for the work we do.

If you can’t find what you need for any reason, you can always reach out to us. We will do our best to get you what you need!

Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent's innovative online narration services quickly connect customers with experienced narrator voices speaking with any accent, world language or genre.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of narration projects.

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