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Swedish Narrators

Hire experienced Swedish-speaking narrator voices for content of all types.

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About Swedish Narrators

Looking for that ideal Swedish Narrator to elevate your project? Looking to target Scandinavia but concerned about the language barriers you may face?

Part of what we do here at Voquent, among other vital services, is to work hard to find native narrators for a whole range of world languages.

Not looking for the Swedish language but perhaps looking for the other Nordic and Scandinavian languages? You can find our page for Norwegian here, Finnish here, and Danish here.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent's innovative online narration services quickly connect customers with experienced narrator voices speaking with any accent, world language or genre.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of narration projects.

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So, why choose Swedish as a language for your project’s rendition? Perhaps you already have English as a primary language for your project, and you are looking for another language to focus on? If you are looking to market your project within the Nordic countries, then Swedish is certainly one language to consider.

Over 10 million people speak the Swedish language in the world; primarily focused in the Scandinavian countries and countries within the Nordic Council. Out of the populations that speak it, around 3.2 million people know Swedish as a second language, leaving the rest knowing Swedish as their first language.

The language exists with 6 main dialects; Norrland, Finland Swedish, Svealand, Gotland, Götaland, and South Swedish. These categories break down further to over 100 different dialects that make up the language in its entirety, for example, the Överkalix, Burträsk, Aspås, and Färila dialects.

Fun fact: The most famous and subscribed YouTube individual globally, Felix Kjellberg, is Swedish by nationality.

At Voquent, we want to serve as many languages, accents, dialects, and populations the world over to make sure your project is available where it needs to be. We have worked hard to vet and approve all the native Swedish narrators we work with to ensure a high-quality standard for your project. We pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and assign a dedicated project manager to every project to make sure it is done right. If authentic Swedish is what you are looking for from a narrator, our approved Swedish narrators will captivate your audience.

We recognize that different projects may require different services, such as a voice actor or a voice-over service instead. No matter your needs, we have a service that will be right for you. Can’t find what you are looking for? You can reach out and see what we can do to make sure you find the right narrator or voice for you.

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