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Travel & Holiday Narrators - Voquent

Travel & Holiday Narrators

From Tibet to Africa; we have travel & holiday narrators for any globe hopping content.

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About Travel & Holiday Narrators

If you have a video or audiobook that concerns global exploration, finding a travel & holiday narrator that sells the spirit of adventure is essential. Inspire and entice with an assortment of tones

Evoke the spirit of your project with travel & holiday narrators speaking with any accent. Authenticity is at the front of our services, we don't settle for anything but genuine firsthand speakers. Impressions need not apply. 

Our search functionality is central to our innovative site. Find tagged Demos that correspond directly to your search specifications - in minutes! 

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Learn more about narrators for travel & holiday content

We can handle any project, big or small, with our dedicated production team to streamline the whole recording process. Just like voice-over talents are vital to breathe life into travel videos like the one above, narrator voices are just as important to get the right sound for your travel audiobook.

Some other genres, like law and finance, will require a much more formal approach using tones and characteristics of vocal registers to match. For travel and finance, you can be far more flexible, and most tend to go for a friendlier, informal narrator. This flexibility means there are far more choices, which can also make the process more time-consuming.

The travel and holiday genre encompasses many sub-genres and styles of writing if we are talking strictly about audiobooks. The genre covers everything from topographical maps that are closer to geography textbooks, to local travel guides that make sure you know the best spots in town. It is best to explore your options based upon your book's content, in order to find the talent you need.

As for talent, if you know what you need, that’s great! But don’t worry if this is all new to you. We can help advise you on what kind of talent you may want for your audiobook or what kind of delivery style we think could match up well. 

Our job is to make sure your project has the resources and knowledge base to become a reality as fast as possible. Not only that but Voquent can offer you a wide range of different services, as well as narrators, to make the job of picking out a narrator as easy as can be. Our powerful search tool will make it easier to search as broadly or as precise as you want.

The Travel and holiday-themed genre may also prove to be far more relevant in particular regions of the world. This may coincide with popular tourist hotspots and so getting your audiobook recorded in different languages may be something to consider.

Luckily we have narrators for this too!

Voquent is proud to serve languages such as Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese and Mandarin, Urdu, Portuguese, and many, many more. We have also endeavored to include lesser spoken languages across the world, such as Georgian, Serbian, and Tamil.

Lastly, it may be worth considering having your book content produced as audiobook content using a wide variety of different English-speaking accents. This is obviously dependant on the market you want to target.

We offer accents such as regional British accents, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Canadian, regional American, Transatlantic, Neutral European, and more.

As travel destinations will play a huge role in travel and holiday content, we serve different cities and geographical locations to offer narrators all across the globe for your locality; and by extension, recording studios all across the globe. There is no limit to the auditory services we can provide.

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Just look to this video as another great example of narration done right, even if this is in another medium entirely:

Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent's innovative online narration services quickly connect customers with experienced narrator voices speaking with any accent, world language or genre.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of narration projects.

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