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Arabic Subtitling Services - Voquent

Arabic Subtitling Services

On the hunt for the best quality Arabic subtitles on the market?

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We produce industry-leading Arabic subtitling services, with the highest degree of accuracy. Your subtitles will be completed within your timeframe, to your exact project specifications. 

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About Arabic Subtitling Services

Subtitles that do not accurately reflect what is happening in your video can negatively impact the audience's experience. Leaving your audience frustrated and unable to engage with your content.

This extends beyond foreign audiences, as it cascades into an accessibility issue for those with hearing disabilities. These are significant groups that rely on high-quality subtitles for entertainment, information, and education.

At Voquent, quality is key. We never rely solely on machine-generated transcriptions or translations for subtitles; we only use human linguistic specialists for your Arabic subtitling services. This way, we can ensure error-free translations with every word and accurately convey the meaning of your story.

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Our team analyses the video and provide a quote.

We'll assess your material and quickly put together a quote for the subtitling process.

We create the Arabic subtitles.

When agreed, we get to work on the Arabic subtitles, sticking to your specifications.

We burn-in the Arabic subtitles to the video content.

We will sync your Arabic subtitles and then burn them into the video, and deliver in any file format.

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Young Arabic couple get ready to watch a film with Arabic subtitles.

Learn more about the Arabic speaking market

The countries of the Arabic speaking world approach their media consumption in different ways. The UAE film industry is primarily made up of non-Arabic films. This showcases the importance of localisation of content for this audience. 

Quality Arabic subtitling services can help bridge the gap for audiences experiencing a film from a foreign country. 

Conversely, Egyptian audiences are more cagey regarding foreign films. They legally restrict the number of non-Arabic movies. If a film is one of the lucky few to access this market, then the subtitling functionality should be impeccable. To show respect for the viewers' national pride. 

Why Voquent?

Unlike most languages, Arabic is written right to left, presenting distinct difficulties for a less experienced translator. 

This is why we ensure that we work with the best linguistic specialists. This way, quality Arabic subtitling services are assured. We take this practice seriously. With Voquent, you can expect the most accurate, market-leading subtitles for your project. 

Our engineering team will personally attend to your project specifications across all translation and transcription stages. Afterwards, we will burn your subtitles into your video and deliver it in your preferred file format. 

Where other Arabic subtitling service providers likely use machine generation to produce the subtitles, producing subpar results. We do not.

Our human experts will manually craft your subtitles to guarantee a top-notch end product. Get in contact with us now, and we will quickly provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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