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Chinese Subtitling Services - Voquent

Chinese Subtitling Services

Looking to get more Chinese eyeballs on your films?

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We will complete highly accurate Chinese subtitling services within your stipulated timeframes. We ensure total conformance with the Chinese government's rules about the necessity to subtitle all foreign films shown in China. 

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About Chinese Subtitling Services

Watching programmes without subtitles can be frustrating for non-native speaking audiences. It can also be annoying to try and learn a language by watching TV or listening to the radio.

Subtitles aren't just for non-native speakers, though. They can help those who are hard of hearing to enjoy films, TV and online video. 

Crafted by humans, our professional Chinese subtitling services ensure maximum accuracy and quality. We will expertly convey your story to Chinese speakers error-free.

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We review the film and provide a quote.

We'll review your material and provide you with a quick subtitling quote.

We make the Chinese subtitles.

On acceptance, we'll create the Chinese subtitles following any required style guidelines. 

We burn-in the Chinese subtitles to video.

We'll sync and burn in the Chinese subtitles to your film and deliver in any file format

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Learn more about subtitling for the Chinese-speaking market

The Chinese film market is a giant, drawing in hundreds of millions each year. It's the second-largest film industry globally and continues to grow year on year. Most of the regions successful films are Chinese-made, and any Hollywood films or movies from other areas will need Chinese subtitles at a minimum to get aired.

The Chinese language is the most spoken globally, by a large margin, with 1.3 billion native speakers. And as a second language, it's also unrivalled, with nearly 200 million people learning it. Subtitles are great for learning languages, even if you are a native speaker. Our Chinese Subtitling Services can also help increase the accessibility of your content to those with hearing impairment. 

Why Voquent?

Voquent's Chinese subtitling services can help you open up your project to a massive worldwide audience of primary and secondary Chinese speakers. 

Our engineering team will take care of your project, from transcription and translation to syncing and burn-in of the subtitles to any video file format.

We set the benchmark for industry standards. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not offer automated subtitles via machine generation – these methods typically produce sub-par results that do not follow guidelines. Don't expect your $1 per minute Chinese subtitles to be accepted on Netflix or Amazon.

We manually write our subtitles with linguistic experts for high-quality results. Every Chinese subtitler we work with is vetted and certified to make sure we sustain the highest quality possible. Share your video with us now for a quick no-obligation quote. 

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