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English Subtitling Services

Searching for the ideal English subtitling services for localization and enhanced accessibility?

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Work with Voquent, the industry-leading localization company for English subtitling services of the highest calibre. Our services have a fast turnaround from human experts - for added accuracy. Do not settle for second best.

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About English Subtitling Services

There is nothing worse than checking out a new foreign film or experiencing media from abroad and having bad subtitles! Experiencing renowned video content can be ruined by inaccurate or poorly done English subtitles. Failing to increase access can spoil content and cut you off from new, diverse audiences.

Increasing accessibility to your content is always the right choice. More options for those with hearing disabilities can make all the difference in their ability to engage with your project. Don't neglect your potential viewership - craft English subtitling services with Voquent today!

Never skimp out where quality is concerned. Our English subtitling services are second-to-none, with human experts taking charge of your project at each stage. We say "human" because we don't use automatically generated subtitling for our process, unlike many major subtitling companies. 

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Our team analyses the video and provide a quote.

We'll examine your material and quickly put together a quote for the subtitling process.

We craft the English subtitles.

When agreed, we get to work on the English subtitles, matching your parameters at each step.

We burn-in the English subtitles to the video content.

We will sync your English subtitles and then burn them into the video, and deliver in any file format.

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Learn more about the English speaking market

English is the most spoken language on Earth, by a large margin. The number of people who may benefit from English subtitles on your content is immeasurable.

Foreign film and animation have great appeal in English-speaking countries. Sometimes it's better to experience media in its original language. These cases make English subtitling services a necessity; your audience still want to know what's going on!

The applications for quality English subtitling services are numerous. While localization for entertainment is significant, this is not the sole purpose. Training videos and explainer videos will likely have the broadest appeal when paired with English subtitles, as English is spoken in more countries than any other world language.

Why Voquent?

While English may originate from the UK, this doesn't mean it's the same globally. Many countries have embraced English, but it has also been altered to match the culture it is spoken by.

American English and British English have some subtle yet significant differences that must be accounted for in the English subtitling services you use. At Voquent, we love language and the many differences that define them. 

Our linguistic experts are here to personally attend to your project and tailor each word to the version of English you are aiming for. We don't use inaccurate machine-generated subtitles. All of our English subtitling services are crafted by human professionals to ensure the best quality on the market. 

Overall, we want you to know that working with us is all about quality, for any language, at a low cost! Get in contact with us today for a quick no-obligation quote for your project specifications.

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