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Hebrew Subtitling Services

Seeking a single solution to communicate with the global Hebrew-speaking market?

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We employ native-speaking Hebrew subtitlers and audiovisual engineers. With a thorough knowledge of the language and an excellent grasp of film specifications to produce high-quality video subtitles for your business or entertainment needs.

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About Hebrew Subtitling Services

We operate in a global arena. And when there are many young, technically savvy Hebrew speakers open to consuming high-quality video content with Hebrew subtitles—you don't want to miss out. 

Our professional Hebrew subtitling services bring expertly crafted subtitles to both business ventures and entertainment projects. 

Our native Hebrew-speaking subtitlers pride themselves on the quality of their work, delivering your subtitles in any style. We provide reasonable rates and quick turnaround times.

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Our team reviews the video content and provides a Hebrew subtitling quote.

Provide us with the video material to get our recommendations and subtitling prices

We produce the Hebrew subtitles following any style guidelines.

We'll transcribe the source speech and translate it to Hebrew all perfectly synced to the video.

We burn-in the Hebrew subtitles.

The Hebrew subtitles are hard encoded (burnt-in) with your preferred style and delivered in any file format.

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Smiling Israeli man watches TV series with Hebrew subtitles.

Learn more about subtitling for the Hebrew-speaking market

Hebrew is the primary language of Israel and is the fifth most common language globally, with about 9 million native speakers. The United States lists Hebrew as an official language with more than a million speakers, and another million live in France.

Israel is a technologically progressive culture. While Netflix has not yet taken Israeli's by storm, Israeli streaming site Izzy is a massively popular provider of Hebrew-language films and television. 

The Hebrew-speaking market is worth over $166 million and is just waiting for your content. Israel is hailed as a nation ripe for tech startup companies to prosper, and this mindset permeates Israel's 8.3 million Hebrew speaking population. 

Why Voquent?

Our Hebrew subtitling services will provide you with expertly timed closed captioning in a timed-text format or open captions in your preferred style, burnt directly into the video.

The Hebrew language reads from right-to-left, and many western subtitling companies struggle to fulfil RTL subtitling requirements because most video software doesn't support it by default. We are accustomed to this work and will advise you every step of the way.

No more worrying about Hebrew subtitling guidelines or the quality of your captions—we understand timing and style, ensuring that your films, TV shows or explainers are perfect for your target audience.

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