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Hindi Subtitling Services

Are you seeking the perfect solution to grow your Indian audience?

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With over 300 million speakers, Hindi is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Expand your audience into India now with our Hindi subtitling services.

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About Hindi Subtitling Services

It’s not easy to get your film out to the vast Indian market. Millions of people speak Hindi, making it one of the most significant languages in the world.

When your target audience doesn’t even understand what you’re saying, how can you expect them to connect with your message or story?

That’s where we come in. We help you reach a whole new viewership by creating professional Hindi subtitles at an affordable price without compromising quality. If you are looking to expand your business to India, or publish a film for Indian audiences, our Hindi subtitles services are the perfect solution.

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We review the film and provide a quote.

We'll review your content and provide you with an all-inclusive subtitling quote.

We make the Hindi subtitles.

On your approval, we'll create the Hindi subtitles matching your style preferences

We burn-in the Hindi subtitles to video.

Our engineers will sync the Hindi subtitles to your film and deliver them in any file format.

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Learn more about subtitling for the Hindi-speaking market

The film, TV, and video game industries are booming. Not only that, but platforms like YouTube and streaming services like Netflix are bringing video content to audiences everywhere in ways never done before. 

The Indian economy is enormous, with a population of over 1.3 billion people. In India alone, video-on-demand services accumulate well over $1.7 billion in revenue and serve over 159 million people. Following not too far behind these figures are the staggering statistics for video streaming services, with these services serving over 66 million people and accumulating over $1.2 million in revenue.

As if these statistics don’t give you an idea of the scale of Hindi-speaking audiences, the worldwide number of Hindi speakers sits at 322 million people, with an additional 270 million people speaking Hindi as a second language.

Why Voquent?

Our Hindi subtitling services are all about your success. We are here to help you tailor your video content to this extensive market and audience.

Voquent differs from other subtitling companies because we manage the projects in-house. We do not rely on unskilled workers. We only utilise linguistic specialists for our Hindi subtitling services, to ensure the highest accuracy.

Our Hindi subtitling team will transcribe and translate your script or audio and then sync the Hindi subtitles in professional video software in your preferred style. All at affordable rates.

We also provide a dedicated project manager to keep everything on track and budget. Reach out to us for a quick quote now.

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