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Korean Subtitling Services

Looking for market-leading Korean subtitles for video games, TV or film?

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We guarantee the highest quality Korean subtitling services with a fast turnaround. Our vetted linguistic specialists consistently provide unparalleled accuracy in content localisation.

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About Korean Subtitling Services

Top-quality subtitling services can be hard to come by. Many companies will automatically generate subtitles by machine, sacrificing quality. Non-native speaking audiences will have a hard time understanding or learning from these inferior quality subs. 

This is also detrimental for the significant viewership that has some form of hearing disability. Poor subtitles can exclude these groups from enjoying TV, Film, or online content. 

We do things differently. At Voquent, we only produce professional subtitles, interpreted and crafted by human experts. We assure accurate, clear and impressive Korean subtitling services for you.

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We assess your project and provide a quote.

We'll check out your film or video and put together a subtitling quote, quickly.

We make the Korean subtitles.

On acceptance, we'll create the Korean subtitles following any required style guidelines. 

We burn-in the Koreansubtitles to video.

We'll sync and burn in the Korean subtitles to your film and deliver in any file format.

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Korean girl gamer enjoys playing games with Korean subtitles.

Learn more about subtitling for the Korean market

South Korea is a media powerhouse at the forefront of the technological world. This country is a leader in online functionality, consistently in the upper-echelons of worldwide internet speed averages.

This has disseminated into South Korean society. Esports has been culturally embraced in this country, like no other. South Korean esports teams dominate the scene, as video games media has taken hold as a favoured medium.

Beyond this, South Korean film is amid solid growth. Bong Joon-ho's cinematic phenomena Parasite was the first non-English movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020.

South Korean filmmakers made the majority of all domestically screened films. This is an audience that is hungry to watch movies catered to them appropriately. When releasing your video content, you must have top-quality subtitles ready to penetrate this market. 

Why Voquent?

Localising gaming media for these audiences can be long and arduous. Scripts can end up 4x as long as a feature film, so finding a professional subtitling service capable of translating can be tricky. 

At Voquent, we work with linguistic experts who will never offset subtitling services to a machine for automatic generation. We ensure that each stage of the subtitling process is handled entirely by a human specialist.

Voquent also extends our Korean subtitling services to video and film content. We set the standard in this industry, with market-leading quality and turnaround, at affordable prices. 

We will sync and burn-in subtitles for your video and deliver the final product in any file format you prefer, all under one roof, with a single point of contact throughout. 

Certified Korean speaking professionals work on our Korean subtitling services. We take pride in our sustained quality. Share your video with us today for a fast no-obligation quote. 

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