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Portuguese Subtitling Services - Voquent

Portuguese Subtitling Services

Want to reach a massive Brazilian market with your video content?

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Our engineering team guarantee market-leading Portuguese subtitling services. We work to your timeframe, with an unparalleled standard of service, all included at a fair price.

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About Portuguese Subtitling Services

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out the next big show is not localised into your language. The internet makes media globally available to all people, so forgetting to buff your accessibility is unforgivable. 

Subtitles are vital for countless non-native speakers to access and enjoy video content. Audiences with hearing loss are also dependent on subtitles to enjoy films and TV series.

Fortunately, at Voquent, we are experts in this field. Our Portuguese subtitling services are of the highest calibre, at an affordable price. Our human linguistic specialists assure quality that cannot be matched by cheaply made, auto-generated captions.

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We review the project and provide a quote.

We will analyse your submission and quickly put together a subtitling quote.

We craft the Portuguese subtitles.

After agreement, we'll create the Portuguese subtitles you require, following your stylistic guidelines.

We burn-in the Portuguese subtitles.

We sync and burn-in your Portuguese to your video content, ready for delivery in any file format.

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Portuguese speaking woman relaxes on couch watching a film with Portuguese subtitles.

Learn more about subtitling for the Portuguese-speaking market

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. There are tremendous numbers of people speaking in Portuguese. Most of which are located in Brazil, with a population of over 211 million. 

This is a substantial audience, that has a high affinity for media consumption. The average Brazilian spends over 6 hours watching TV, each day. This is almost double the same averages in the United States.

The digitalisation of video content consumption has been fully embraced by this Portuguese speaking audience. Netflix and digital streaming is a popular format in Brazil.

There are expected to be near 30 million Brazilian people with hearing loss. This is a significant portion of the population that require Portuguese subtitles as a means to access video content. Helping ease the struggles of these groups is part of our social duty. We produce highly accurate Portuguese subtitling services as part of this mission.

Why Voquent?

Voquent's Portuguese subtitling services provide a great opportunity to reach this audience in an authentic manner. We are here to help you access the Brazilian market, with no loss of nuance in your message during translation. 

Our team of linguistic engineers will personally take charge of your project. From translation and transcript, through to the later stages of syncing and delivering the video content. We will take care of everything and export in any file format you prefer. 

At Voquent, we set the industry benchmark for our Portuguese subtitling services. Many inferior subtitle services will employ automated generation for your project. This results in awkward phrases or nonsensical terms that do not adhere to subtitling standards.

Authentic and accurate subtitles necessitate a human specialist, which you will find with our Portuguese subtitling services. We only work with the best, certified by us, to produce Portuguese subtitles for your video content. Reach out today to receive a quick no-obligation quote.

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