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Russian Subtitling Services

Looking for a fast and affordable way to succeed in the Russian-speaking market?

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Get a quote for Russian subtitling services today and begin your journey to reach over 1 billion people in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

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About Russian Subtitling Services

Russian is the largest minority language in Europe. Around 253 million people are estimated to speak Russian worldwide. Despite that, many Western businesses and entertainment companies often overlook it.

Russian speaking audiences are increasingly accessing information via online video content. As they do so, they expect to find a high-quality experience that respects their language and cultural identity. 

We offer the world's most capable Russian subtitling services. Cutting-edge solutions tailored to fit the individual needs of your business.

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Our team reviews the video content and provides a Russian subtitling quote.

Send us your film, we'll review it and provide you with an instant quote.

We produce the Russian subtitles following any style guidelines.

Our team gets to work on the transcription, translation and creation of the Russian subtitles.

We sync the Russian subtitles to video and burn-in

We'll burn in the Russian subtitles using your chosen subtitling style and deliver in any file format.

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In terms of Russia's economy, video content makes up a considerable portion of both revenue and the population that it serves. Video-on-demand services contribute over $751 million to the Russian economy serving 44 million Russians. Russian video streaming services alone accumulate over $554 million in revenue and over 25 million Russian viewers.

Russia is a massive nation, and the Russian language is spoken in eleven Russian states. It is also native to six more significant countries; Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and Kyrgyzstan. And this doesn't include smaller former Soviet Union states that still speak Russian.

The Russian language has had a considerable influence in Asia and Europe, with 253 million native speakers.

Why Voquent?

We go above and beyond to provide an exceptional Russian subtitling service that gives you access to the best translators and subtitlers that the marketplace can offer. Our audiovisual experts will deliver your subtitles in any timed-text format or burnt-in directly to the video file in your chosen style.

We never rely solely on machine-generated transcriptions or translations, and we only employ qualified natives. This extra care ensures high quality and provides you with perfectly timed Russian subtitles that accurately translate the speech of any other source language.

Your dedicated project manager will keep you up to speed throughout the production and take your project from project start to completion; quickly and efficiently. We are all about an excellent end product and an exemplary customer service experience.

With our help, you can open up your Russian market today. 

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