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Swedish Subtitling Services

Needing your video content ready for Swedish speakers?

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Make sure that your content is ready for native Swedish speakers. Get accurate Swedish subtitles for your content now.

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About Swedish Subtitling Services

Swedish is a popular language throughout the world and in Europe. Around 10 million people speak the language natively, and over 3.2 million people speak it as a second language. With huge portions of different worldwide communities speaking Swedish, tailoring your content for them will open up your project to this highly educated audience.

Many native speakers of a foreign language (even if they know English) prefer films and video content in their language. It makes the viewing experience more pleasurable. Use Voquent's professional subtitling experts to tailor custom subtitles for your content and your story will never be lost in translation.

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After your approval, we will create the Swedish subtitles following any specific style guidelines you have.

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We will sync the Swedish subtitles and burn them to your video. We'll also deliver in any file format.

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Learn More about subtitling for the Swedish market

Sweden, as a nation, has one of the strongest economies in Europe and the world. According to the last report in 2020, Sweden's nominal GDP was over $563 billion US, and its per capita GDP was over $52,000 per person. As a result, Swedish people generally enjoy a very high quality of life.

This is reflected in the statistics for Sweden's market for video content and production. The video-on-demand services in Sweden have generated €374m, and the daily reach on video content in the country is an impressive 78%. Not only that, but households that hold at least one video-on-demand subscription service within Sweden have amounted to 2.6 million as of the end of 2020. This number has increased by over a quarter of a million when compared to subscriptions in 2019.

Tailoring your video content for Swedish audiences, be it YouTube content, an infomercial, or videos for organic website use, can be your segway into this expanding Nordic market.

Are you needing high-quality, accurate subtitles?

When looking to get your content subtitled, it is crucial to consult native Swedish speakers or language experts to get the job done correctly. Muddling up words, meanings, or synonyms can mix up the message of your brand, or your video's purpose. It will make your content seem unprofessional.

At Voquent, we are language specialists. We understand the need for poignant, precise translations when it comes to subtitling jobs. We know that it can be a challenge to know exactly what you need, be it burnt-in subtitles, SRT files, or other technical aspects to the subtitling process.

Our professional subtitling experts help us to deliver the best quality subtitles available. Every engineer that we work with is vetted and approved for their expertise before they work on any projects with us. Our own in-house production experts make sure that the project goes smoothly, and to the specifications and standards that we expect.

Every subtitling job that we take on is handled by hand. We do not use machine translations or machine syncing. We make sure to manually implement every line, timestamp, and punctuation mark to your exact specifications. 

Make sure your content is accessible to Swedish audiences all across the world. Getting high-quality, accurate subtitles is also about increasing the accessibility and reach of your content to people with hearing impairments. Don't leave anyone out and make sure their experience is as good as it can be.

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