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Audio Translation Services - Voquent

Audio Translation Services

Simplify your cross-language communication with Voquent's audio translation service.

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Voquent's affordable audio translations are sought-after for business comms, eLearning, TV series, films and video games. We break down linguistic barriers to increase customer numbers and create more cohesive teams.

Your Audio in Any Language

Your project may connect tremendously well with your audience at home - but did you know that there are countless people waiting for your work, all over the world? 

Reaching these international audiences can be tricky - they don't always speak the language that your audio project is in. What you need are professional audio translation services!

Connecting with foreign speaking demographics is not simple. Global cultures are similar in some ways; people buy from online stores, watch TV series and movies, learn cool things, take out subscriptions and more.

But how they do all this is bound by the context of their national traditions and culture— which are often very different to yours. Voquent's audio translation services bridge the divide, improving your message for the local audience to create new fans, followers and subscribers. 

We don't just translate; we transcreate to linguistically match anyone, anywhere.

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The best audio translations need natural and authentic-sounding voice-over translations.

Transcribing and translating the existing speech is the first step. But if you already have text translations, we will edit them to ensure they fit any current time constraints present in the content, essential for video and film.

Colloquial, everyday language is what listeners expect, but you'd be surprised how many audio translation services don't get this right. Humour is a perfect example, where literal translations do more harm than good. Our team will creatively translate all jokes, puns, metaphors and memes, so your audience isn't laughing for the wrong reasons.

When you're happy with the audio translation, we can offer a host of services to broadcast your message expertly. Video subtitling services, voice actor casting and voice-over services in any location are but a few.

Where words meet many tongues

Let's face it. Audio translation services boil down to transcribing and translating the speech. And the best way to interpret the source voices is with a professional voice-over in the desired language.

Here at Voquent, this is our forte. 

You can find voices of all types for any medium and in the vast majority of the world's languages. We've invested everything in creating the world's best online voice-over agency.

Whether you need an audiobook narrator, character voices for a video game, or a London-based voice-over talent—we've got thousands of options to browse, shortlist and book online.

Our pre and post-production teams get expert training meaning our service is second-to-none. Wave goodbye to long-winded conversations with reps who don't know anything. We want your business, and we firmly believe you'll love our audio transcription services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is audio translation services?

Audio translation is the process of transcribing and translating recorded speech from one language to another. A native transcriptionist will create a transcript, typically in a timed text format suitable for dubbing or subtitling use. Then a separate translator will generate the script translations adhering to any time constraints. Some services will also offer subtitling, voice-overs and video translations.

How much do audio translation services cost?

Many audio translation services use machine-generated transcripts and non-native translators, allowing them to offer sub-$1 per-minute rates that scale depending on the turnaround time. For user-generated content, lower quality may be acceptable. But where quality is paramount, it's best to pay more for a specialist service that breaks the rates down between transcription, translation, voice-over and subtitling services.

What is the process of translating audio?

Cheap audio transcription services use one individual to transcribe the text using a speech-to-text app and translate it directly into the target language. More professional services use only native transcriptionists to create timed transcripts. The translations are then completed by qualified native speakers with industry knowledge and further reviewed by a translation manager or senior linguist for quality assurance. When the script is approved, the voice-over or subtitling work can commence, again only using approved specialists.

How long does it take to translate audio?

One minute of speech, on average, is about 150 words. An experienced transcriptionist can transcribe about 60 minutes of audio (9000 words) per day. Depending on the time constraints and complexity, a translator can get through about 3,000 words per day. In summary, the transcription and translation will average 20 minutes of audio per day for long-form content and an additional day for quality checking. Shorter creative projects with characters or marketing copy may take more time. 

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