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eLearning Translation Services - Voquent

eLearning Translation Services

Seamless eLearning translations for any LMS.

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Knowledge should not bow to international boundaries. The challenge with cross-border learning isn't just the language barrier; there are different ways of thinking. 

About eLearning Translations

Education is a global endeavour, and when an organization has a presence in different countries, ineffective communication is commonplace. A centralized learning resource can augment the learning experience and enhance organizational synergy between international branches.

Hundreds of companies offer eLearning translation services, but most don't provide the attention to detail or cultural awareness expected by your essential staff and international teams.

Voquent's passion for eLearning voice-over naturally extends to the quality of the text and multimedia translations we create. We care about the democratization of information and the importance of learning.

Unlock the key to stellar communication with Voquent and take your web-based training strategy to the next level.

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When translating your training videos, instructions or SCORM-compliant eLearning, we know it is essential that quality is adapted for new eyes and ears, whilst always remaining on par with the original user experience.

An accomplished project management team heads up our eLearning translation services to provide this assurance. Well-versed in translating industry-specific, multimedia-rich courses. Our business team aren't dummies, they carry experience and knowledge about each facet of Voquent's process, which means you will always talk to people who have answers and solutions. 

Voquent started with voice-over services and accessibility solutions, and the leap to eLearning translations was a logical progression that many of our top customers frequently requested. We were happy to oblige!

Fun, engaging user experiences are at the heart of every eLearning translation. Our expert linguists, knowledgeable narrators and savvy eLearning authors will enhance learning and improve knowledge retention.

Why not get started today with a short test project? Reach out to us now to discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What eLearning systems do you translate?

We are very familiar with PowerPoint, Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, but we'll also happily translate Camtasia, Lectora, HTML5 and more. We have an extensive network of eLearning authors to cover any format or SCORM-compliant LMS. 

Audio, video, and graphics are all translated by our in-house audiovisual production team.

What does eLearning translation cost?

The translation cost for any eLearning depends on the number of words, slides, quizzes, interactive elements and the duration of audio or video material. We'll do an extensive review, free of obligation, to provide you with a comprehensive fixed quote. Translating text content starts at around $0.19 per word, but video, graphics and voice-over rates depend on many factors. We will always provide you with an uncomplicated appraisal to give you confidence in seeking a budget from your stakeholders.

What is the Learning translation process?

The first step is a review of the material. Our team may need some time to collate all the resources and check we have all the files, fonts and graphics. If you can provide editable source files, this can boost efficiency and improve quality. After our review, we'll tell you what we need and provide you with a quote. With your approval, the first stage is translation and quality assurance, following by multimedia productions (voice-over, video editing, graphic editing). The final step is eLearning authoring in the required SCORM based learning package. Our eLearning author will put everything together, and our linguistic team checks the content multiple times in every language before providing you with the final courses.

How to convert PowerPoint into an interactive eLearning module?

PowerPoint is a fantastic training tool for live training, but when you need to get exercises out to a larger team—and crucially—measure their performance, an interactive eLearning module published on your web-based platform is the answer. There are two options: 1. learn an LMS yourself or 2. hire a company like Voquent to help you. 

Either way, converting the course begins with scriptwriting the voice-over and compiling the on-screen text, then writing quizzes and other interactive elements. Preparing video or animated content is also part of the pre-production process. Once all the text content and multimedia content is ready, an eLearning author (or yourself) will need to put everything together in an approved LMS. We recommend Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. Either option will require a significant time investment to learn if you're doing the conversion yourself. 

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