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Marketing Translation Services

Amplify your messages worldwide with our renowned marketing translations.

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It's a simple idea. Take marketing that already works and convert it to connect with new markets quickly. In theory, it sounds easy. But in practice, you need a trusted partner to lead your campaigns from the front, driving your success. 

About Our Marketing Translation Services

We know how challenging it is to break into new markets because we've been there. We operate globally, and our audience is acting talent, studios and world-renowned agencies. We understand that it's vital that your translation agency truly understands your brand, audience and culture.

Voquent's marketing translation services include certified linguists with a specialism in marketing copywriting across various industries. Working with your internal teams, they will skillfully convert what works to give you a recognizable voice in any region of the world.

From video translations for online promos to localized websites and PPC campaigns—we're eager to help you grow.

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We all know that marketing is much more than simply getting your message heard. To move audiences and change habits, they need to feel something—that all-elusive emotional connection. Without it, your brand is a commodity, quickly forgotten.

So if your business is already well regarded in your home markets, converting your successes to new audiences to leverage your unique brand is the obvious next step. 

The problem is that new markets won't necessarily positively receive the same messages. Your new audience is unique with different priorities. Any quality marketing translation service will help you tweak, alter, and adapt the meaning to maximize the draw.

The Voquent difference

Voquent started as an online, multilingual voice-over agency but quickly grew to offer marketing translations for top global brands. Why? Simply because we'd be witnesses to some downright awful script translations produced by linguists, seemingly working in a creative vacuum. 

In essence, we know the difference between an excellent translation and a bad one.

To save our clients international embarrassment, we started editing and adapting their scripts before the voice-over recording session. And this quickly snowballed into translating brochures, websites, PPC campaigns and sales funnels. Our first-hand experience at the knife-edge of customer engagement provides customers with a battle-hardened army of marketers ready to help your business take new ground, build followers and smash targets. 

The results are what matter. That's our focus. 

Wield Voquent's marketing translations services to make the magic happen. Alakazam your brand into the hearts of millions, in any region on Earth.

Get in touch now, and let's talk about your needs. Tarantallegra! (start dancing).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does marketing translation cost?

Marketing translation is a vast remit, from brochures and websites to social and digital media campaigns. The costs will vary depending on what's involved. Simple text translations start from around $0.19 per word, but image adaptation, video translations and advertising campaigns will depend on the source assets and target audience. It's best to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

What is the process of translating promo videos?

First, we review the source material, i.e. the files used to create the original promo. Ideally, we need editable source files, so we can easily integrate the translations. After the review, we'll provide a fixed quote and on your go-ahead, create translated voice-over scripts, on-screen text, social media post text and more. Once the translations are finished, we can cast and record voice-overs and edit the final promo.

What is the difference between marketing translation and transcreation?

Traditional marketing translation services, e.g. for brochures or website copy, are essentially word-for-word translations. The work may need some creative input to adapt colloquialisms or cultural-specific references, but the focus is on matching the source text. In contrast, transcreation is about reimagining and localizing the copy completely, often requiring a complete rewrite of the material. Best deployed in TV, radio and online advertising, transcreation services help with creating new slogans, promo themes and more.

How to choose a marketing translation agency?

Every marketing translation service will have its strengths and weaknesses. Most traditional translation agencies translate text documents, website copy and legalese but do not have in-house resources for localizing multimedia content. In contrast, audiovisual translation agencies handle video subtitling with ease but may have to sub-contract for text translations. Very few understand how to translate voice-over scripts or offer good transcreation services for adverts or promos. At Voquent, we bridge the gap between traditional agencies and specialist audiovisual providers. 

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