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Video Translation Services - Voquent

Video Translation Services

Translate video to quickly gain fans, followers and customers anywhere.

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Reaching a global market in seconds is no longer a pipe dream. With social media advertising paving the way to niche audiences anywhere—video translations for YouTube, Healthcare, and eLearning offer an effective way to grow. Video translations are now a crucial requirement for any global operation.

Your video content in any language

When your video content deserves the biggest possible audience, don't stop at English.

There's a world of languages, dialects and accents out there! Here at Voquent, we categorize only the top 600-700 for voice-over, but there are around 6,900 languages in total.

Imagine how many more people you could reach with a suitable video translation service? Whether you need to translate a YouTube video, short documentary, or promo, we'll use our previous experience with many other global brands to help you reach millions of viewers.

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Learn more about video translation services

Of course, video translation isn't just for businesses wanting more customers. We frequently work with educational publishers, eLearning providers and entertainment companies too.

Where affordability is the top priority, the lowest-cost method is our subtitling services. We offer subtitling translations in any language pair. It's very effective, and we can match the subtitling style with your brand guidelines.

To truly engage listeners, though, a voice-over translation, combined with subtitles and localized on-screen text, will be as good—if not better—than the source video.

What we need to get started

To professionally translate your videos, we'll ideally need the video source files. These are the files that contain the source film, graphics, audio, sound effects and animations that make up the final video. There will be separate layers for each element, making it simple for our video editors to change text, swap out animations and lay in the voice-over translations.

Common editable source file formats include Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

However, with hundreds of video maker apps in use by creative teams worldwide, we're used to handling less common file formats. Even if you can't access the editable source files, our editors will still be able to provide a top video translation service with some minor compromises in many cases.

Once we've translated the video, we can make it available in the best file formats for your needs: 16:9, 16:10, 9:16, 1080p, 4k, 8k, MP4, MOV, AVI, square—you get the idea!

So what are you waiting for? It's time your video goes global. We can even make it go galactic with a Klingon voice actor and translation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is video translation services?

Video translation services enable content creators to make films, training, and animations comprehensible to other language speakers. Depending on the desired quality level, this involves transcribing and translating the speech with voice actors or narrators and editing text in graphics and animations. Subtitling translations are also a widespread way to interpret actors or voice-overs for foreign audiences.

What is the cheapest way to translate video?

The absolute lowest cost way to translate video is to use automated, machine-translated captions or AI voice-overs. Machine-generated translations will contain many errors and will potentially turn off the intended audience. This may be acceptable for user-generated content, but if your message or story is essential, the best lowest cost method is to use a professional subtitling services provider.

What is the best way to translate video?

If you want a top-quality video translation service for your content, you will need to provide the agency with editable source files. The source files allow the agency to isolate the graphics, animations, and sound layers for translation, transforming the video for any foreign audience. Whatsmore the quality will be on par with the original version, making it the best way to translate video, bar none. Of course, you will need to hire a specialist audiovisual translation agency like Voquent. The translators need training in subtitling, scriptwriting and the equipment to view and edit the source material.

What files do I need available for the best video translation?

You will need the editable source files generated by the video editing software application or video maker app. Professional formats include: Adobe Premiere Pro (.prproj), Adobe After Effects (.aep) and Final Cut Pro (.fcp). If you're using an online cloud-based video maker app, you may not be able to download any source file formats, and it's best to speak to the video translation service provider and get a review of the video.

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