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Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. The precise number of Mandarin speakers is a point of some contention, but it clearly floats around 1 billion speakers. This is a massive portion of the population. The Mandarin group of languages flourishes across southeast Asia, and beyond. It is a complicated language with a tremendous number of sub-groups and dialects within it.

Understanding each niche group within Mandarin is something only experts and native speakers can qualify for. That is why finding a Mandarin voice actor can be tricky, fortunately, we are here to help.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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Learn more about the Mandarin language

As a language, Mandarin has seen incredible growth throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. With the Chinese government working tirelessly to implement Mandarin as a standard form of Chinese, it has quickly become the go-to business language in Southeast Asian business. This has resulted in its growth spreading to various ancillary countries surrounding China.

One of the most developed countries to utilise Mandarin as a dominant language in southeast Asia is Singapore. While technically English is the official language of Singapore (Singlish), Mandarin is particularly popular among the populace. The language is the most spoken casual language in the country, with over 50% of Singaporeans using it at home.

While Hong Kong has traditionally remained a stronghold for the Cantonese version of Chinese, this has not suppressed the growing number of Mandarin speakers in this region. Over 20 years, the number of Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong has more than doubled. 70% of Hong Kong learn Mandarin in school, making this a prime market to access with a Mandarin voice actor.

Additionally, Mandarin is the most spoken language in Taiwan. This country’s history with mainland China is contentious, which is reflected in their usage of Mandarin. While Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan, it is a unique variant of it. Without tapping too far into the sensitive history between the two countries, Taiwanese Mandarin differentiates itself in various ways. There are motions from the Taiwanese government to move away from Mandarin, however the youth of the country still strongly prefer to utilise Mandarin.

Needless to say, with so many varying forms of Mandarin, it can be hard to choose a one-size-fits-all interpretation. This is why it is paramount to find a local native speaker for your Mandarin voice actor. Understanding the slight nuances to the language in Taiwan is something that only a native Taiwanese Mandarin voice actor could hope to achieve. Going straight to the source is necessary.

Voquent has accounted for this. We have Mandarin voice actors across the world, ready to speak any version of the language that you require for your project. Have your voice actor speak Mandarin with authenticity. To ensure that this is achieved, we have built strong partnerships with studios in any country you could want. This allows you to access local Mandarin voice actors efficiently, with professional-quality recordings.

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