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Voice Actors Speaking All World Languages - Voquent

Voice Actors Speaking All World Languages

Explore approved voice actors demos in any of the world's primary languages.

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It's easy to find professional, approved voice actors using the A-Z of all world languages below. Alternatively, jump straight into finding voice actors with our unparalleled casting tool.  Reach out to our production team anytime to get recommendations for your role, with no obligation.



All World Languages

All English Accents

Find Voice Actors Speaking Any World Language

In the business of content creation, you don't want your audience walking away feeling apathetic. World language voice actors are always worth the investment. Reaching your audience, on their terms, in their language is guaranteed to pay off. 

At Voquent, we simplify the process of finding native speaking voice actors in all world languages for your advertising campaigns or creative projects. 

Quickly identify the best voice actor for the role by using our unrivalled search functionality. Hear demos by language, accent, gender and style and then tell us about your project to get a fixed quote in no time at all.

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Voquent Worl Languages

Finish your project in record time

We deliver within hours of your go-ahead. Once you've picked from our roster of experienced native-speaking voice actors and we've taken payment—we'll get the recording sessions scheduled immediately.

Our team of skilled producers will keep you informed at every step. We can facilitate remote live recording sessions to produce ADR for TV series, voice-over for commercials or characters for video games. Participate via Zoom, Source Connect and more—or let our team handle everything for you. It's our core service.

With Voquent, not only do you get open access to voice actors who speak almost any world language, but we will also assist with script translations or subtitling services. Our audiovisual team ensures everyone has equal access to your content.

Our unique process will help you stand out from your competitors. In the age of information, spoken words matter, and they make all the difference.

Quickly find a voice actor now and get creative – contact us today.

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