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Emirati Voice-Over Talents

Tap into the exotic allure of Dubai with Emirates voice-over talents for various industrial and services focused projects.

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About our Emirati Voice-Over Talents.

When casting, it can be exceedingly tricky to find the right voice talents for a project. Authentic Emirates voice-over talents are not easy to come by through traditional channels. Many in this industry can be starting as amateurs with little experience, which is problematic for producing a quality project.

That is why Voquent exists. We collect the highest-quality voice-over professionals into our immense directory, with each performer vetted by our team to assure their eligibility to our network. Finding your perfect Emirates voice-over talents with us opens you to our various translations services and support.

Our market-leading search functionality is unlike any other. Filter your preferences across numerous options and categories to personalise your search to listen to samples from the Emirates voice-over talents that match your specific brief.

Say goodbye to sifting through countless bloated showreels!

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online voice-over services quickly connect customers with experienced voice talents and studios from any city.

We make voice-over casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on hundreds of location worldwide.

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Verified home studios

With over 80% of Emirati voice-over talent recording from a home studio, quality control is of paramount importance. We take audio quality seriously, and our engineering team listens to every demo sample to ensure it meets our minimum professional standards.

So, whether you are casting for professional voice talents for an audiobook, commercial or AAA video game title, you have the assurance our team has already checked the home studio recording environment is capable of delivering high quality audio.

Go Local

If you're looking for voice-over services in a specific location, Voquent's talent search will empower you to browse and identify Emirati voice talents available in specific city or country.

If you are seeking Emirati voice talents in your desired location but getting limited results, contact us for recommendations. Our extensive offline network includes a wide range of additional voice talent, agencies and studio partners from around the world.

If you're a Emirati voice-over talent or actor seeking work, please sign-up online FREE to get heard by casting directors worldwide. Whilst having a home studio helps, it's not essential. We frequently book talents into local studios for all kinds of exciting projects.

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The UAE is a remarkable country with unique societal construction and industry. One of the powerhouses of the middle east, there is a strong economy based heavily on resources, like oil and natural gases.

A robust industrial sector presents many opportunities for projects that utilise skilled Emirates voice-over talents. There is excellent potential for partnerships built through corporate videos or teaching recruits for labouring jobs in training videos.

Female Emirati Voice-Over talent stops for a photo outside studio. Looks into distance.

The service sector represents the other half of the economy of the UAE. Tourism and entertainment are at the heart of this. The allure of Dubai has countless people travelling from around the world to visit, serving as one of the hottest destinations. As a city, Dubai is quickly growing to become the UAE's premier business hub, which further enhances the clear opportunities for all kinds of content.

When people think of Dubai and the UAE, luxury is at the forefront of their minds. Tourism advertisements and hotel promotional work are well suited to this country. However, you cannot ignore the unique culture that permeates Arabic culture. Laws and social norms are strict in the UAE, so it is vital to be cautious when representing or marketing to this region.

Using authentic Emirates voice-over talents is essential. Only native voice talents can harness the essence of a country and utilise that in their performance, connecting with audiences on a fundamental level. At Voquent, we only work with vetted professionals to consistently assure top-tier quality with every spoken word. We also have an extensive suite of Arabic subtitling services to get your project through every stage of localisation.

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