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Female Voice-Over Talents

Discover the best female voice-over talents on the market for your commercial or corporate video.

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About Female Voice-Over Talents

No matter the project, there is likely some way that a quality voice-over can enhance it. Whether that is through augmented commercial messaging, or by adding a human element to a corporate video. Female voice-over talents are some of the most popular performers out there, and we can link you with who you need.

Our catalogue of experienced female voice-over talents is unmatched in quality, with professionals from around the world, speaking any world language. Our signature search functionality lets you listen to talents quick and easy. Simply search and listen to tagged Demos, tailored to your preferences. 

Finding the ideal female voice-over talents is easy with Voquent. Our services don't end there, as we have extensive matching localization and accessibility functions too!

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent is the world’s leading online voice-over casting and recording platform. Finding professional talent has never been easier.

We help brands, content creators, and entertainment companies quickly source authentic voices in any language or accent. From commercials to documentaries, eLearning courses to video games – our team has produced voice-over translations and media localizations for countless projects.

How it works

Our guarantees

Voice Actors are expertly approved for ability and studio quality

A single point of contact from casting through to final production.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, get your money back.

Why Choose a Female Voice-Over?

Female voice-over talents are among some of the best on the market. While there are great applications for anyone in our catalogue, there are some things that female speakers are better for. Building trust and sounding helpful are just two impacts that female voice-over talents can have on an audience. Perfectly aligned with nurturing or enticing tones, there are some projects that benefit from a woman's touch. 

When putting together a commercial or corporate video; projects that require trust, a female voice-over can help put watchers at ease. Making audiences more open to messaging is trickier than it seems, so professional talents may be a necessity. An amateur may have a nice voice but will lack the experience to draw upon when crafting the audio for your content. 

At Voquent, we are here to help! We have thousands of voice-over talents across the world, with many different traits. Our selection of female voice-over talents is immense, each specialising in different industries, platforms, and languages. 

We are partnered with talents around the world, and as such are proud to offer a wide array of talents in any language you desire. By including genuine foreign speakers we are doing more than just offering you someone who can handle the job. We are providing you with the opportunity to channel their authenticity directly into your project. 

It may not seem like it, but this is essential when marketing to international audiences. Your audience will know when you are using a generic second-language iteration of their native language. Don't alienate your viewers with a half-measure. With Voquent, we provide nothing but authenticity in every spoken word.

How to choose a Female Voice-Over?

Now you know why female voice-over talents can benefit your work, let's look at how. Whether you need a foreign language, or a particular style, tone; whatever it is, our selection process is designed to connect you with your ideal female voice.

Step 1 – Casting

First comes casting; thinking about the exact sound that you want for your voice-over is the best way to start a successful casting experience. A little extra consideration at this stage makes everything a little clearer.

Using our search bar, you can tailor the results to match your precise requirements. As you listen to our countless tagged Demos ask yourself: 

  • Does this person have the right sound?
  • Are they within my price range?
  • Are they available?
  • Can they record where you need them?

Once you have considered each of these elements you will be able to pick the right voice-over talents for your project and start recording.

Step 2 – Recording

Professional female voice-over talents will typically record from their own home studios. These are commonplace, a benefit of the digital age; quality level production doesn't need an entire studio space. These home studios make talents more available and flexible for projects. 

Of course, if you require talents to be in a set location for recording purposes, that's fine too. We have regional search filters that you can use to find talents in specific areas.

Once you have set your recording context, you can meet your talents on location, or receive the dial-in details for remote recording. Depending on the project, there may be differences in the procedure - dialogue replacement or dubbing may require visual sync, for instance.

Step 3 – Post-production & delivery

After recording, it's time for post-production. The process includes cleaning up audio, removing unwanted noises and preparing the file for delivery. We will deliver your files in .mp3 or .wav, depending on your preferences - however, our team of specialists are ready and experienced in any format you prefer. 

Rest assured, we tailor everything to what you require. We can also burn it directly into your project. If you want your project to include subtitling or translations, we have a suite of accessibility services to support.