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Italian Voice-Over Talents - Voquent

Italian Voice-Over Talents

Are you looking for Italy-based talent? Discover the best native Italian voice-over specialists for any project now.

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About our Italian Voice-Over Talents.

Finding the perfect native Italian voice-over talent should be a pain-free experience. With the internet, there are unlimited options for voice-over in any language you could want. However, sifting through the countless amateur or inexperienced speakers to find the best candidate can be an insurmountable task.

Not with Voquent! We have collated and tailored an immense directory of vetted voice-over specialists in any language or accent you need. We have done away with generic demo reels in favour of our specialised demo search functionality. Finding the ideal native Italian voice-over specialist is as simple as filtering for your specifications and searching!

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online voice-over services quickly connect customers with experienced voice talents and studios from any city.

We make voice-over casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on hundreds of location worldwide.

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Verified home studios

With over 80% of Italian voice-over talent recording from a home studio, quality control is of paramount importance. We take audio quality seriously, and our engineering team listens to every demo sample to ensure it meets our minimum professional standards.

So, whether you are casting for professional voice talents for an audiobook, commercial or AAA video game title, you have the assurance our team has already checked the home studio recording environment is capable of delivering high quality audio.

Go Local

If you're looking for voice-over services in a specific location, Voquent's talent search will empower you to browse and identify Italian voice talents available in specific city or country.

If you are seeking Italian voice talents in your desired location but getting limited results, contact us for recommendations. Our extensive offline network includes a wide range of additional voice talent, agencies and studio partners from around the world.

If you're an Italian voice-over talent or actor seeking work, please sign-up online FREE to get heard by casting directors worldwide. Whilst having a home studio helps, it's not essential. We frequently book talents into local studios for all kinds of exciting projects.

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Italy is a world leader in culture and economics. As a European powerhouse, this country has a long history of world-leading invention and cultural renaissance. Appealing and evoking the spirit of the Italian people can be an excellent way to augment your message with the sensation of these people. As audiobooks become ever more accessible and popular in Italy, there is no better time to find your perfect native Italian voice-over talent.

When casting native Italian voice-over talent, remaining authentic with your chosen speaker is incredibly important. As a proud culture, Italian people will doubtlessly respond much better to a genuine native speaker than a secondhand speaker. That is why we have collected countless professionals to provide your voice-over as a first language.

Bald Italian male voice-over talent puts headphones on and smiles.

Our services do not end there! Localising your content is an impressive way to enhance your project’s accessibility to countless new audiences. At Voquent, we care about inclusion, so it is part of our mission to ensure as many audiences can enjoy your content as possible. Our Italian subtitling services are available so that foreign audiences and those with hearing impairment can still engage with your content. 

Voquent’s team of linguistic experts are here to take you through every step of your voice-over journey. We only work with the best that this industry has to offer; we believe that if we are going to do a job, we should do it the right way. So you can breathe easy with the knowledge you are in safe hands. 

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