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Male Voice-Over Talents

Discover the perfect male voice-over talents for advertising and action film trailers.

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About Male Voice-Over Talents

Voice-over is a tremendously varied art form that can be applied to countless projects. Although, the type of content in question will demand different traits for the talents who provide their abilities. 

Whether you are advertising a game to a male demographic or selling a new aftershave. Voquent is here to help. We have a massive catalogue of Male voice-over talents with experience in all sorts of projects. Find your perfect sound in seconds. Our signature search system is designed to give you immediate access to Demos categorised and tagged to match your search parameters. 

No matter the country targeted; we have Male voice-over talents in any language or accent you could desire. International boundaries mean less than ever in modern times, so maximise your reach to any global audience - with localization services to match.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent is the world’s leading online voice-over casting and recording platform. Finding professional talent has never been easier.

We help brands, content creators, and entertainment companies quickly source authentic voices in any language or accent. From commercials to documentaries, eLearning courses to video games – our team has produced voice-over translations and media localizations for countless projects.

How it works

Our guarantees

Voice Actors are expertly approved for ability and studio quality

A single point of contact from casting through to final production.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, get your money back.

Why Choose a Male Voice-Over?

There are some projects that can enhance their connection with an audience by using Male voice-over talents. Research shows that Male voice-overs are perceived as more forceful by audiences. This is not a bad thing, depending on the purpose of the project. A more authoritative speaker may be a useful boon when advertising a male-centric product, like tools, cars, or action movies. 

These popular projects aren't restricted to singular markets. Around the world, there are male demographics that are interested in projects that utilise male voice-over talents. However, different countries commonly speak separate languages, so finding the perfect male voice-over can be tricky when you work with other agencies - who may have limited connections with non-English speakers. 

At Voquent, we are partnered with voice talents around the world, in countless languages, to ensure that we always have someone for the job. You could be looking for Japanese voice-over talents for your hit new video game - we have someone for you.

Of course, its not as simple as just picking male voice-over talents based on language alone. There are all kinds of linguistic permutations and localised adaptations that influence how authentic your content sounds. Our massive directory of male voice-over talents come speaking a wide assortment of accents from around the globe. 

How to choose a Male Voice-Over?

We have the ideal male voice-over for you, it's just a matter of connecting you with them. Whether you need a foreign language, or a particular style, tone; whatever it is, our selection process is designed to assist you in the most efficient way.

Step 1 – Casting

First comes casting; thinking about the exact voice-over that you want for your project is the best prelude to a successful casting experience. The clearer your concept is for the sound of your ideal speaker, the easier this is for everyone. 

Using our search function, you can tailor the results to match your exact requirements. As you listen to our countless tagged Demos ask yourself: 

  • Does this person have the right vocal characteristics?
  • Are they within your budget?
  • Are they available?
  • Can they record where you need them?

Once you have considered each of these elements you will be able to pick the right voice-over talents for your project and get to the recording stage.

Step 2 – Recording

Home studios are commonplace among professional male voice-over talents, constructed professionally for high-quality production quality, without using an on-location studio. These studios are helpful for enhancing the availability of talents, and you are able to live-direct sessions for even more flexibility.

Although, there are instances where you need your talents on location, so feel free to search for your desired male voice-over talents by regional parameters.

Deciding on a location for your recording, you can meet on location or receive dial-in details for remote sessions. The recording session will differ based on the project and its needs. Dubbing or ADR will require visual sync with the dialogue or animations on-screen. 

Step 3 – Post-production & delivery

Once the recording is completed, we will start on the post-production work. Removing unwanted noises and preparing the file for delivery in your ideal format is what this stage is all about. We will deliver your files in .mp3 or .wav, depending on your preferences - although our team of specialists are ready and experienced in any format you prefer. 

Rest assured, we tailor everything to what you want. We can also burn it directly into your project. If you want your project to include subtitling or translations, we have a suite of accessibility services to support.