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Non-Binary Voice-Over Talents

Connect with incredible non-binary voice-over talents for any eLearning or PSA project.

Listen to Non-Binary Talents Tell us about your project

About Non-Binary Voice-Over Talents

Some projects require a less conventional approach to voice-over talents. A delicate topic that is targeted at disenfranchised or sidelined demographics requires someone who can understand the messaging, genuinely. Non-binary voice-over talents can authentically augment the content of your content, ensuring that you are always platforming the right voices in certain conversations.

Social PSAs, commercials, and eLearning content that is aimed at non-binary audiences could also benefit from non-binary voice-over talents - an underrepresented group in media. It's easy to filter for non-binary talents on Voquent!

Our immense catalogue has professionals from all backgrounds; simply search for your parameters and play tagged Demos that match. 

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent is the world’s leading online voice-over casting and recording platform. Finding professional talent has never been easier.

We help brands, content creators, and entertainment companies quickly source authentic voices in any language or accent. From commercials to documentaries, eLearning courses to video games – our team has produced voice-over translations and media localizations for countless projects.

How it works

Our guarantees

Voice Actors are expertly approved for ability and studio quality

A single point of contact from casting through to final production.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of our service, get your money back.

Why Choose a Non-Binary Voice-Over?

Representation matters. Whether that is the representation of language, race, or identity, at Voquent, we go above and beyond to ensure that our platform is authentic when reflecting any demographic. That is why our non-binary voice-over talents in our catalogue are here for any project that requires such a voice. 

This could be part of an eLearning scheme to teach people about non-conventional identities by casting non-binary voice-over talents as characters in video games. Listen to non-binary professionals in a flash with our signature search functionality. Our tagged Demos are tailored to your precise search filters. In essence, this makes it far easier for you to hear voices - speeding up the casting process. 

We are partnered with talents around the world and are proud to offer a wide array of talents in any language. By including firsthand foreign speakers, we are helping you access countless international markets in a quality manner. 

Your audience will know when you are using a generic second-language iteration of their native language. Don't alienate your viewers with a half-measure. With Voquent, we provide nothing but authenticity in every spoken word.

How to choose a Non-Binary Voice-Over?

Non-binary voice-over talents can help your messaging. But what does the voice-over process look like? Well, no matter your project specifications, language, style, tone, our process is made to be simple.

Step 1 – Casting

The casting process is the first part. Think about what you are looking for in your ideal non-binary voice-over talents, their pitch, tone, availability, etc. This is extra important to ensure the smoothest experience and a clearer idea of your project needs.

Using our search bar, you can tailor the results to match your exact requirements. As you listen to our myriad of tagged Demos, ask yourself: 

  • Does this person have the right sound?
  • Are they within my price range?
  • Are they available?
  • Can they record where you need them?

Once you have considered each of these elements, you will pick the right voice-over talents for your project and start recording.

Step 2 – Recording

Many professional talents will record from their home studios. These are common in the modern voice-over industry, a beneficiary of the digital age. These home studios make talents more readily available and flexible for projects. 

Although we still offer extensive options for recording on-location as well - some jobs may need a slightly more personal touch, we get it! Our regional search filters help you find talents in specific areas.

Once you have set your recording context, you can meet your talents on location or receive the dial-in details for remote recording. Depending on the project, there may be differences in the procedure - dialogue replacement or dubbing will require visual sync.

Step 3 – Post-production & delivery

After recording, it's time for post-production. The process includes editing audio to clean up the waveform, removing unwanted noises and preparing the file for delivery. We deliver your files in .mp3 or .wav, depending on what you prefer - but our team of specialists are ready and experienced in any format you prefer. 

Rest assured, we tailor everything to what you require. We can also burn it directly into your project. If you want your project to include subtitling or translations, we have a suite of accessibility services to support.