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Discover the greatest voice-over talents hailing from every region of the world.

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Explore voice-over talents from each corner of the world. Whether you are casting a local character or targeting a specific demographic, breaking down your ideal profession by location makes everything simpler. 

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Learn about Regional Voice-Over Talents

Tailoring your voice-over talents to your desired audience is an outstanding way to connect on a local level. Regional voice talents are the best way to reach and represent people in specific worldwide locations. 

Voquent is an industry-leading global voice-over agency. Our immense directory of online talents originates from countless countries and regions worldwide, many in major cities. Regardless of where you are recording, we likely have a professional near your desired spot. In cases where we don't - never fear! Our catalogue of talents hosts an unrivalled number of experts with home studios, fitted and ready to record top-grade voice-over. 

On top of this, we also offer extensive supporting accessibility services to augment your content's localisation further. Even if the hearing-impaired or foreign speakers may not be your exact demographic, providing the option for these audiences to engage with your content can mean a lot to many. We think access is a right and just good business, so we have a multitude of translation and subtitling services.

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