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Voice-Over Talents

Filter by experience level, nativity, and location to discover your ideal voice-over talents.

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Your perfect voice talents in a few clicks

Finding voice-over talents online is often a complicated process. When you are listening through multitudes of demos or auditions, it's easy to lose sight of their experience level, location and more. With hundreds of thousands of voice talents to consider, choosing the right one for your project can be tricky.

After which, there's the time involved in recording, uploading, mixing and mastering the voice-over. It's easy to feel powerless.

Voquent's signature voice talent search puts the power firmly in your hands—allowing you to browse talented voice-over talents in almost any country or city location. With us, you can get your perfect voice-over fast and fuss-free.

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More about voice-over talent

We have a massive catalogue of voice-over talents for you to listen to and select for any project type

Many of our customers prefer to book voices on location, and we frequently work with studio partners in London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles and Singapore. Whether you're casting for a AAA video game title, big-screen commercial or banking IVR system—we've got the voice talent and studios to deliver.

Using the voice-over talent search is easy. Please enter your search criteria, whether experience level, skills or location and favourite the talents you like best. Then, tell us about the project for a quick fixed quote. We'll reply to you the same day.

We know there is so much more to a project than simply casting and recording a voice-over. We offer support services, such as subtitlingscript translations, and further accessibility options, so you have less to oversee at your side. We'll provide the finished product in any file format you require.


Are you a voice-over talent?

Are you a voice talent seeking new avenues to be discovered by top brands and entertainment companies? With Voquent, sign-up FREE to join a growing community of audiovisual professionals—upload your best material to get heard by clients.

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American voice talent Patrick, in home studio, smiling at camera.


Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent is the world’s leading online voice-over casting and recording platform. Finding professional talent has never been easier.

We help brands, content creators, and entertainment companies quickly source authentic voices in any language or accent. From commercials to documentaries, eLearning courses to video games – our team has produced voice-over translations and media localizations for countless projects.

How it works

Turn-key voice talent services

No other voice-over platform offers as many ways to discover voice-over talents as Voquent. Of course, browsing voice actors demos can be a great way to find the perfect vocal right sound—but what if you need to record a voice-over in a specific city? Or with a certain experience level?

Fortunately, we have a market-leading voice talent search. This potent tool allows you to browse by nativity, region, country, city, experience with Mocap and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is voice-over talent?

There is no set answer for this question. The cost of a voice-over varies based on numerous criteria.The performer's experience level, the type and duration of the project, the form of medium and broadcast location.

There are various elements that make up even the Basic Session Fee (BSF) and Usage fees.

Read more about our rates here.

How to find voice-over talent?

Voquent's powerful voice talent search functionality is the best way to discover voice-over talent online. This toolbar is unrivalled in its ability, allowing you to sift through performers with unparalleled ease.

Only see relevant results by filtering your parameters by age, location, experience, and more! 

How to choose voice-over talent?

The project that you are casting for will inform the voice talent you choose. Using our pre-requisite criteria in our search function will simplify the process.

Choose the specifications that you are looking for and then search - our toolbar will return only with candidates that match your desires. From here, it's just a matter of selecting who you like.

Selecting the right option may seem like a big commitment to make. But, we're here to change that. 

Now, just listen to Demos that are tagged with the attributes your project requires and shortlist your choices. The shortlist collates all of your favourite options for you to listen to, audition, and book - to seal the deal and get the wheels in motion on your project.

Who hires voice-over talent?

In the 20th century, who doesn't hire voice talent? This industry is growing year on year. There are so many applications for a quality voice-over that there is no limit to its potential.

Audiobooks, advertisements, movie trailers, video game characters, IVR systems, AI voice; the list goes on. If you are unsure whether a voice-over is right for your project, contact our team today for a quick and easy chat.