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About Us - Voquent

About Us

What makes Voquent a unique choice for customers and voice actors alike?

Online Casting How it works

Any Audience. 

Our mission is to make your content engaging and accessible to all. We combine unrivalled casting tools with an adept team of audiovisual professionals.

Any Language. Any Accent.

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Capability and expertise

We provide approved, authentic native speaking voice-over professionals in every language and accent. We are dedicated to offering unprecedented choice by measuring more vocal attributes than anywhere else in the world from languages and regional accents, to styles, mediums, genres and tones.

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Effortless casting

We focus on providing short distinct Demo Samples in one style and tone to make casting voice actors or narrators a fun and creative process. When users hear a Sample they like, they can instantly hear the voices' best work in the media play bar without leaving their search.

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Accountability and integrity

We embrace our customer's unique challenges as our own and we nurture a professional community of audiovisual professionals and talent. Everyone is valued and respected.  

Voquent Subtitling Styles

For everyone

We embrace disabled, foreign, and minority audiences in our mission to make your content accessible to all people, regardless of creed or background. Translations, captions, subtitling, audio description and even sign language solutions are at your disposal.

Voquent Subtitling Styles


We produce market-leading audio, video and voice-over content at affordable rates. Whether it's a simple recording or a comprehensive, multi-lingual project, nothing is more important to us than producing quality results, delivered on time.

Voquent was born out of necessity. 

Most competing services profile the actor, not how they sound, and this makes online casting a slog. We replaced the standard showreel compilations of the past with unique and distinct Samples in one style and tone.  

The benefit? Users can quickly search and filter Samples by any vocal attribute. If they like what they hear, they can instantly play the top 6 featured Demos to hear more of the talent's work without leaving their search. The media play bar and advanced search make voice actor casting quick and painless.

Voice actors join for free and can easily tag their audio Demos giving them dozens of ways to be found. Our team approve every Demo to ensure customers don't ever listen to garbage. Voices with verified home studios or 15 samples minimum can also upload Reels to show off their range of characters or reading styles.

Our managed production service ensures you always get broadcast quality at an affordable price that won't necessarily cost more than going direct to the voices. You'll have one thing less to worry about, and our voice actors appreciate corresponding with a team that understands them.

No matter the project size or the number of languages, we can connect and manage your voice-over productions at each stage. We are partnered with voice agencies and studios worldwide so that you can get experienced, genuine native talent – no matter the location, language or accent. Paired with our market-leading accessibility, subtitling, and editing services – we've got you completely covered.

Never settle for average, inauthentic voices that will damage the audience's experience. Get the best quality solutions now with Voquent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Voquent?

Voquent provides its customers with the best voice-over casting and production services available online. The Voquent voice-over agency is centred around free online access to pre-approved Demos, remotely managed productions and top tier audio professionals.

Combined with accessibility services like subtitling and audio descriptions—global brands and entertainment companies alike can quickly make their content accessible and engage audiences worldwide.

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How do I use Voquent for casting?

Casting on Voquent is as easy as it gets. Use our proprietary search engine, filtering for your desired specifications that match your project. Language, accent, location, and tones; are some of our most popular filters.

From here, you can shop around and take a look at our incredible voice-over talent. Play Samples or Reels and listen to what our talent can do; if you find some people you like, shortlist them for a quote!

Next, tell us about your project, and we can get to work with you to personalise your Voquent journey to your preferences.

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What does voice-over cost?

The cost of voice-over depends on the project type, duration and usage. The Basic Session Fee (BSF) of each voice talent alone is dependent on various factors.

Beyond this, the platform, project requirements, delivery medium, and licensing requirements are all critical factors.

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What services does Voquent offer?

We offer a plethora of services to complement our flagship voice-over casting and production work.

We can assist with each step in the creative process, including; subtitling, sign solutions, audio editing, and translations. Each service is available to you across many languages to further our mission of access and inclusion.

How do I sign up as a voice actor?

Signing up is a simple process for any professional voice actor. Talented voice actors are the lifeblood of the Voquent platform. if you have professionally recorded samples of your work, you can sign-up directly online. It only takes a few minutes.

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