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Voice-Over Scriptwriting Services - Voquent

Voice-Over Scriptwriting Services

Engage your audience with unforgettable voice-over scripts for education or business.

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The importance of a powerful voice-over script cannot be understated. Words spoken by professional voice-over talents change lives. Persuasive copy plays a vital part in driving the success of any business, education or entertainment project. And that's why we use our creative expertise and experience to help our customers to reach their goals by providing high-quality scriptwriting services for voice-over scripts and more.

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About Scriptwriting for Voice-Over 

There are countless copywriting and editing agencies online offering professional scriptwriting services. However, very few specialise in writing for speech, and this is where we come in. Principally as a voice-over agency, we already know what works because we edit and improve scripts on the fly daily.

A professional scriptwriter will create voice-over text that is easy for the voice actors to read aloud, allowing them to focus all their energy on nailing the best performance. Understanding the natural cadence of speech is crucial to success. It's often the spacing between the words that help to deliver the message better. The script should never get in the way.

Scriptwriting Process

Discuss your project goals with scriptwriter.

You sit down with us to discuss your project goals, and we create a detailed brief.

The scriptwriter brainstorms copy ideas.

We use the agreed brief to bullet point the main messages and outline the tone. 

We commence writing and editing the voice-over script.

We get to work scriptwriting the voice-over and keep you up to date on our progress.

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Captivate your audience with expert scriptwriting for voice-over.

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Keeping audiences captivated with your message requires setting a pace and tone appropriate to your content and goal.

Successful voice-over scripts adopt short, concise sentences and unabating punctuation. The voice talent can breathe—a vital function that inflates the lungs with air giving them the power to project their best voices.

With professional copywriting services, complex, scientific, technical, or medical concepts become clear. We'll work with your experts to ensure key ideas, announcements, and messages are heard and remembered.

Writing appealing voice-over scripts is a creative collaboration between the copywriter and the customer and investing time upfront on the creative dimension is a crucial stage in the process, especially for promotional scripts that incite the audience to action.

How long does scriptwriting take?

First, agreeing with the creative team before getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of detailed scriptwriting will ensure the process is pain-free.

The average time to complete a voice-over script for a 2-3 minute explainer or corporate video is 1-2 days. 

Short social media promos and advertisements can take longer, factoring time to brainstorm ideas, research competitors, and meet with your team—all of which are key ingredients to finding the best tone. More dynamic content or longer duration eLearning or training videos may also require additional time.

If you have a strict budget for professional scriptwriting services, you're in good hands. We'll be transparent with you from the start about the likely cost of your project. We aim to provide the best voice-over copy to engage audiences and drive results. 

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