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USA: 1 332 2131 466

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        Get Voquent Ready

        How to prepare for ultimate success on Voquent.

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        Voquent is a powerful tool for online voice-over casting, but it requires careful management to ensure its integrity. Most voice-over professionals will be familiar with many of our requirements, but it's worth checking the following list one last time before signing up.

        1. You must be a professional talent

        Whilst signing up to Voquent is entirely free and will open you to a world of casting directors, it's not for everyone. You should already have some experience with voice-over, acting, streaming, hosting or creative audio or video production work. Our customers are some of the world's biggest brands, and we need confident performers who will represent themselves and Voquent competently. 

        2. Prepare high-quality Demos 

        Yep, there is no point signing up to Voquent if you don't have any audio Demos. We do ALL our casting using the Demos you upload. At a minimum, we recommend preparing 5 audio Demo Samples and, over time, building this up to 45+ - with 6 Reels too! The more material you have on your profile, and the higher quality it is, the more chance you have of getting heard (and booked). 

        Demos should be professionally recorded and edited in mp3 format. The performance should start immediately, so casting directors don't have to wait for you to get started (hint: they won't, and you'll have missed an opportunity). 

        3. Edit each of your Demos in ONE distinct style and tone

        When you upload a Demo to Voquent, you will tag it with a Tone, e.g. Authoritative or Comedic, along with the reading style, e.g. Explainer or B2B. 

        These tags are the search filters our clients use to find your Samples. Therefore, it's super-important that any tags are an accurate description of the audio. If they aren't, our moderators have no choice but to reject the Demo. When you unlock Reels, these characteristics should match the first take on the Reel.

        An effective way to prepare content for Voquent is to use examples from customer projects or auditions. 

        If the project is already in the public domain, it should be fine to use it as a Demo on your profile. If you had to sign an NDA or the read is for an internal project like eLearning, you can still use some of the material if you edit out brand names or product names. Top tones include:

        • Authoritative
        • Conversational
        • Comedic
        • Eloquent
        • Enticing
        • Inspiring
        • Nurturing
        • Playful

        Learn more about optimising your profile >

        4. Unlocking Demo Reels

        We know that you have Demo Reels that you have perfectly crafted to show off your best, most diverse range of voice-over content, and we want to help you share them. Although, there are some things to cover before you can add your Reels. 

        Before you can upload Reels, you must first engage with Voquent's signature Demo Samples. Tagging Samples for search functionality is the core way casting directors engage with our immense catalogue of voice talent as they look for specific vocal sounds to match their project. 

        Although, someone may be interested in a certain voice and want to hear more from them. Reels offer this opportunity, as you get the chance to display your range. 

        After uploading 15 approved Samples, you gain access to Reels. You can attach 6 Reels to your profile. These Reels should reflect one style, e.g. commercial, character, narration etc.) across a variety of tones. Any uploaded Demo Reels should be tagged too, so they can be found in the search. The tagged characteristics should match the first read on the Reel, so casting directors are listening to what they are searching for, right away.

        5. Accurately complete your profile information

        Please, please, please, enter all your profile information correctly. This is one of the most essential steps to get right. Your native language, other spoken languages, location address, date of birth and experience level are critical bits of info. 

        If you don't get your profile correct, you will be creating hardships later down the line for yourself, your client, and our team. We appreciate the transparency and accuracy that you put into your profile. 

        We ensure to return the favour, as we never ever share this information publically. You, and your data, are safe with Voquent.

        We will only display your nearest city, native language, age-range and experience level. Take a look at some of the talent cards and profilesThese particulars mean your talent card will appear in location searches, e.g., London or Los Angeles

        It also means we can pay you more quickly - so it's in everyone's best interest to work together!

        6. Access to a bona fide, professional recording studio

        If you're serious about voice-over work setting up a home recording studio is always best. This puts control of your services directly into your hands. It doesn't need to cost the earth either -  please read our home studio guide.

        But we know this isn't possible or even desirable for everyone. For some people, it's better to work with studios instead.

        As long as you have access to a quality local studio that our producers can connect with, we're happy for you to create a Voquent profile.

        Ideally, please check out a couple of local studios in advance. Speak to them about your voice-over work and get an idea of their rates so when we do come to you with an opportunity, it's easy for you to inform our team of any likely extra costs. This information means our sales team can confidently provide our clients with a fixed quote.

        If you're in the middle of nowhere, with no home studio, it's doubtful we'll be able to offer you work.

        7. You're a decent human being

        We are good friends with many of the voice acting professionals we work with regularly but let's face it, we all meet challenging people from time to time, and the land of voice-over is no exception. 

        Our casting directors and producers are here to get a job done well, and they don't have the time or patience for any drama—apart from the performance, of course!

        We have no interest in hosting or working with people who cannot work in an appropriate manner. Voquent is a safe platform for our talent and clients to work in harmony. Our realistic expectations are as follows:

        • That you never lie about your experience level or studio gear.
        • You are punctual (you show up when agreed).
        • You quickly respond to our producers (check your emails regularly).
        • You communicate clearly in written English.
        • You are happy to sign a non-disclosure if required.
        • You are never rude or behave unprofessionally, e.g. subverting our team and directly connecting with the customer.

        In return, we'll always communicate with you very clearly about our expectations of you and about what the project is for and where it will be published. We will compensate you fairly and quickly.

        We will keep our end of the agreement as long as you keep yours!

        How to get in touch

        If you have any problems joining or signing in, please contact our talent team by email: voices@voquent.com 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I get voice acting work on Voquent?

        First, read about voice actor jobs on Voquent and then sign-up to create a profile. To get discovered by casting directors and agencies, you need to upload your best audio Demos in various styles and tones. We recommend uploading five Demo Samples minimum, but ideally, thirty to give you maximum exposure in search.

        How do I create Demos for my Voquent profile?

        Most voice talents use audio from previously completed projects or auditions they've submitted. Some write and record scripts or read excerpts from books. If you already have a Reel, it may be possible to edit this into separate clips too. So you have free reign to publish this content as separate Samples or an entire Reel.

        We've put some suggestions together in our blog: 

        8 ways to create audio Samples for your Voquent profile >

        How long does it take to approve my Demos?

        Our moderation team works Monday-Friday in the GMT zone. They approve most Demos within 24 hours. If you upload Demos late on Friday, don't expect them to go live until Monday. If you've waited more than two working days and your Demos are still not approved, please contact our moderation team by email: voices@voquent.com.

        Do I need a home recording studio to work on Voquent?

        No. Whilst we recommend setting up a home studio, it is not imperative. We work with many actors and broadcasters who don't have the time or inclination to learn how to do recordings themselves.  If you're already in a big media city such as London, Los Angeles or New York, we'll have studios we can book you in. If you're in a smaller city, please check out the local studios to ensure they can facilitate live, remote voice-over sessions. Ideally, they will have Source Connect.

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