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Voice-Over Post-Production - Voquent

Voice-Over Post-Production

Ensure your audio sounds it's absolute best with our range voice-over post-production services.

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Voquent is a full-service audio production company with a global reach. Our highly regarded producers frequently get five-star reviews for their voice-over post-production services. We cater to all kinds of productions, from small, independent films to AAA video game titles.

Voice-over post-production services from

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About Voice-Over Post-Production Services

Voquent is a one-stop shop offering complete audio post-production and voice-over services in film dubbing, animations, commercials and IVR. 

We work with a swathe of worldwide studio partners with facilities in cities from London and New York to Abu-Dhabi and Singapore. 

Our in-house voice-over producers are also adept at managing post-production requirements remotely, from end to end. We've recorded and edited voice-over for Netflix series, video games and documentaries via studio-to-studio links. Remote online voice-over services continue to be ever more popular, so we vet and approve every voice talent's home recording studios for quality.

Voice-Over Post-Production Process

Post-production for voice-over starts with a brief.

Together we create a brief of your voice-over post-production needs.

Audio is edited by an experienced engineer.

Our expert engineering team produces the audio to your specifications.

Voice-over audio is edited and delivered in file required.

The voice-over is edited, mixed and encoded to your desired format.

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Voice-over post production services requires an experienced ear for editing.

Post-production for voice-over requires an expert ear.

Your post-production requirements are in safe hands with our expert engineering team. We've done everything from feature films and games to social promos and corporate videos. We'll meet even the highest technical voice-over post-production standards with ease.

Our work is completed on professional Pro Tools HD systems using best-of-breed, industry-leading microphones and pre-amps to ensure the very best tone. We can add extra depth and richness to your voice-over audio and complete the mix with your chosen soundtrack and SFX. 

Browse our range of voice-over talent with home studios or book in your preferred studio on location—rest assured we'll manage the post-production tasks. Our team regularly clean even the worst sounding recordings, adding clarity without interfering with the vocals. 

To bring your stories to life, we offer

  • a network of voice-over services in any location
  • remote end-to-end productions with home studios
  • creative sound design
  • a library of bespoke music and fx
  • surround sound and virtual reality productions

We work with creatives and stakeholders across all industries to get the perfect voice-over audio in any language or accent. Whether you're a big brand or an ambitious entrepreneur, doing business with us means taking your content to the next level. We help tell ​your​ story.


Voice-over post-production for any medium

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