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Accessibility Services

Make your content available to everyone with our range of accessibility services.

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What is accessibility?

Accessibility, also known as universal access, is the practice of making audio-visual content available to as many people as possible.

It uses techniques and tools to enable you, regardless of your hearing, vision or motor ability – such as speech input or screen enlargement – to interact comfortably and independently with any content.

At Voquent, we're passionate about engaging all audiences and with a little extra investment, films, explainers and TV series can easily be made more inclusive.

Foreign Language Subtitling Services

Audio Descripton

Audio Descripton
The audio description (AD for short) helps the blind and visually impaired understand what is happening. It takes the form of an additional narration track that explains what is happening in a scene. It is traditionally slotted in-between any other speech so as not to break the flow of the story. Similar to an audiobook narrator.

British Sign Language Interpreting

British Sign Language Interpreting
British Sign Language (BSL for short) is one of around 300 sign languages used worldwide. It is the preferred language of many deaf people around the UK. It is making use of the hands, body, face and head to communicate. BSL interpreting is the art of translating speech for the deaf, seen on news and TV Broadcasts. It is also used regularly by the Police and Healthcare systems.

Closed Captions

Closed Captions
Closed Captions (CC or Captions for short) are the most common form of accessibility for video content. They take the form of a written transcript of the speech to create a timed text file in sync with the video. Captions may also describe any audible Sound Effects or Music. Captions are there to improve the audience's comprehension of the audio. Especially useful to non-native speakers, those in noisy environments or people with hearing difficulties.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services
Subtitling is similar to captions, with the primary difference being it is created for foreign audiences. For example, an American movie may include German subtitles for a German-speaking audience. Subtitles may or may not have a description of the audio. Traditionally they don't because they are made for foreign language speakers, not the deaf or hard of hearing. However, online streaming platforms like Netflix are making it more common to see subtitles with audio descriptions included.

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It is not only about widening the audience to those with disabilities. Improving accessibility includes translating content for foreign language speakers or adding captions to allow people to understand a video in a noisy environment or with the sound muted.

We offer a range of services to enable any of the following people to comprehend audio or video content:

  • people with impaired vision or blindness
  • people with deafness or hearing impairments
  • people who don't speak the source language
  • people who can't interpret a speaker's heavy accent or slang
  • people who can't or are unable to access the audio

The World Health Organization reports that 15%, 1 Billion of the world's population live with some type of disability. For this reason, many Governments and large corporations have accessibility targets that their content must meet before it is published. 

For example, the UK Government has comprehensive guidelines which include different levels of accessibility and what they mean.

The services we offer to improve the accessibility of your video content are as follows: