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Voice Acting Jobs - Voquent

Voice Acting Jobs

Looking for voice acting jobs? Here's what you need to know about Voquent, the premier voice acting company.

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Want to pursue a career in voice acting? Want to gain access to a worldwide network of creatives looking for a voice like yours? Then joining Voquent is a no-brainer! Let brands and entertainers across the world hear what you’ve got. Our customers come to us for:

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Access to the world's top voice actors

Voquent is a premium voice acting company, and our clients come to us expecting the best. We match our excellent customer service and expert industry knowledge with the top voice actors in the worldWith a daily variety of voice acting jobs on offer, you must have the professionalism and ability to work remotely with casting directors, business leaders and agencies. 

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Top-quality recording studios

Voquent has a burgeoning reputation as the go-to provider of quality audio productions in any language. For this reason, you will need access to a professional home studio or a local recording studio. Remember, our voice acting jobs are for high-end animations, AAA video-game titles and films. Quality is paramount. Our in-house production team ensures that your home studio is up to scratch and the audio edit matches the exact specifications. Bring your voice at its A-game, and we'll handle the rest.

Voquent Subtitling Styles

Distinct Demos of every style or tone

Have you got a distinct regional accent? Perhaps you are bi-lingual? Or maybe you have a specific tone like conversational nailed? Clients use our in-depth voice actor search tool to choose Demos in the particular tone, style and language they need. Adding more Demo Samples helps you get seen and hired for more jobs. Additionally, once you have uploaded 15 individual approved Samples, you will unlock Reels. Combining distinct Samples and flexible Reels will maximise your discoverability and amplify your ability to get seen. Learning how to get Voquent ready is the first step to success.

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The Voquent platform connects voice actors with unique voice acting opportunities unavailable on other sites. In addition, we help make your incredible voice discoverable to casting directors from all regions of the globe. It doesn't matter the project scale, recording specifications, or roles available; our multilingual production team will handle it. 

We're always looking for exceptional voice actors ready to bring stellar performances in various accents and languages.

So, how exactly do you optimize your profile for success?

It begins with preparing your Demos for our signature search functionality, where customers can find tens of thousands of Demos, matching their distinct specifications in vocal style. Our system makes finding voice actors a creative and fun process for casting directors and helps voice actors find work.

Tagging your Demo Samples and Reels with vocal attributes provides you with a new way to be discovered. Unique accents and voice types effectively differentiate your voice in this competitive industry.

Tagging Samples is simple, you will want to assign each upload with the appropriate tags that match the distinct characteristics of the Sample. Similarly, a Reel will show up in our search, and the attributes should match the first take in the Reel.

You should tag each Demo with:

  • The language, dialect, and accent spoken
  • 1 of the 12 distinct tones
  • 2 of the hundreds of characteristics
  • 1 of 13 styles
  • 1 of 45 mediums
  • The gender, age, and pitch performed

The more specific you can be with each Demo, the easier it will be for clients and creatives worldwide to find you. It will also mean that our producers can quickly discover your best content.

Learn more about how to get your material Voquent ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a voice actor?

To become a voice actor, you will first need to train and refine the vocal sounds you can produce. Most professional voice actors start with expert coaching. Then, regular vocal exercise builds vocal strength increasing your range and diversity of voices.

Finally, they get a professional character or commercial Reel made to show off their best performances.  A home studio isn't essential to start with. Still, we recommend it if you wish to get started with lower-paid work first. Then, with persistence, you can grow your network of studio and agency contacts and build a successful career.

How to get into voice acting?

The internet has improved accessibility and lowered the barrier of entry into the industry. As a result, getting into the voice acting industry is a lot easier now than ever before, but it's also more competitive. So building your experience is crucial.

Start with making a low-cost home studio and taking on voice acting jobs for freelance animators and indie video game developers. Then, be persistent about auditioning for roles and networking using social media. In a relatively short time frame, you'll be ready to add your material to online voice-over agencies like Voquent.

How to get voice acting jobs on Voquent?

There are three routes to getting work on Voquent, but all start with uploading your best material. Firstly, casting directors may shortlist your voice for a role by finding your profile via one of your Demos.

Alternatively, they may be looking for voice-over services in your city and come across your talent profile. Thirdly, they may contact our team for recommendations, and one of our producers picks you for the role.  Ensuring your Demos are expertly recorded and optimized with the best tags will improve your chances of getting cast. 

Learn more about optimizing your Voquent profile >

How much does voice acting pay?

How much a voice actor gets paid varies wildly depending on the medium, role and licensing arrangements. The average voice acting job on Voquent pays from $200 - $500. However, as much as 20% of the jobs pay substantially more. Five or even six-figure payouts aren't uncommon for high-end TV or Cinema commercials, video game character roles and B2B promos.

We're not union-affiliated, but we stand firmly against a 'race to the bottom' on voice-over rates. It is damaging to the creative industries in the long term. On Voquent, we always offer fair compensation for the job. We recognize the value that experienced voice actors bring to the table.

Will using Voquent's site as a voice actor cost me anything?

Nope. Nada. Nahi. Niente. Nichts. Naw - we could list 'no' many, many more times in the countless languages we support. Voquent is free to join, and you will never pay-to-play on Voquent like some other freelancing sites. Our unrivalled search gives every voice actor an equal chance to get cast for roles no matter where they are.

To make the most of Voquent, prepare your best material, and add as many Demos as possible, so you appear in more searches. Find a niche and stick to it! 

Find out more about creating Demos for your Voquent profile >

Will a USB microphone or earphone microphones be okay for voice acting?

Unfortunately, no. USB microphones and earphone microphones don't have the technical capability to record the standard our best projects require. In addition, USB microphones and earphone microphones don't pick up the subtleties of your voice that you have worked so hard to train. These microphones are okay for semi-professional mediums like YouTube or Podcasting, but not professional standard projects like commercials. 

You will need access to a professional condenser microphone with shock mounts, XLR cables, a pre-amp, and an acoustically treated environment. You can set up a pro home studio, or we can book you into a suitable local recording studio. 

Learn all about the best microphones for voice acting >