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Terms & Conditions

Please read all the terms and conditions of these terms of services (“Terms of Service” or “Agreement”) carefully.

By creating an account at Voquent.com, clicking “Yes”, signing a copy of this Agreement, signing a work order, statement of work, services or other agreement that incorporates the terms of this Agreement, (a “Services Agreement”), or otherwise entering into a business relationship with Voquent Ltd. you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. It is important to read this entire Agreement. This Agreement applies to all current and future arrangements between you and Voquent Ltd.

This Agreement governs the relationship between Voquent Ltd. and the user which may be a talent agency, studio or individual voice talent selling their services.

Changes can be made at any time to these conditions without further consent from you. Please remember to regularly check the conditions accordingly. If you have any questions concerning your personal details, please contact Voquent Ltd.

By accepting this agreement, you have accepted that all Voquent Ltd.’s sales channels can use your details for marketing purposes such as special offers, invitations, new products etc. in the form of e-mail, text messages, social media campaigns etc.

You are personally responsible for updating your personal details and can contact Voquent Ltd. at any time by email: [email protected] to change/delete your personal information. Personal details will be saved in Voquent Ltd.'s online database administered by Salesforce.com inc. and will always be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Membership of Voquent Ltd. Is free of charge and non-obligatory.

These conditions cover all websites, sales channels, companies and other organisations owned and administered by Voquent Ltd. Voquent Ltd. undertakes to protect your personal details online in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

In accordance with the strict rules on confidentiality and limitation of use, Voquent Ltd. can disclose your details to its associates providing services on behalf of Voquent Ltd., and that need to process such personal details to be able to supply such services. When you use "Voquent Ltd.’s services," you give your consent to your personal details being disclosed to Voquent Ltd.’s associates. Voquent Ltd. will not disclose your personal details to a 3rd party without your express consent.

In accordance with the law, it can be necessary to disclose details to the legal authorities.

Voquent Ltd. will contact you with offers of work. We take care to ensure the nature of the work and the usage of the audio content will be described as accurately as possible. Ultimately the usage of any content is our customers responsibility and further agreements may be signed to this effect.

Any fee offers made to you by Voquent.com will be written clearly by email. You are under no obligation to accept the fee offer, however you are required to write and confirm if you accept the offer of work (or in-case of a rejection) you state your reasons and/or counter-offer clearly.

Voquent Ltd. withholds the right to terminate this agreement and your membership on Voquent.com if at any time with particular note to the following conditions:

  1. You have provided inaccurate information in your application.
  2. You frequently do not respond to written requests.
  3. You provide audio quality we consider sub-standard.
  4. You do not follow the written brief.
  5. You make frequent errors or mistakes.
  6. You provide poor customer service.
  7. You exchange contact information with a customer of Voquent Ltd. without our written consent.
  8. You discuss fees with a customer of Voquent Ltd. without our written consent.
  9. You attempt to persuade a customer from not using our services.
  10. You talk negatively about our services in public, including but not limited to social media platforms.

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