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Dubbing Company

Tailor your project to global audiences with outstanding dubbing services for any medium.

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Never limit your potential. Our professional dubbing services are a cost-effective way to make your content accessible to people around the world. Voquent is a market-leading dubbing company working with professional speakers in any language or accent.

Professional Dubbing Company

Don't restrict your project to a singular audience when the rest of the world is at your doorstep. Tailoring content to world languages is an incredible way to get extra mileage out of your media and reach new demographics from every corner of the globe. Working with an established dubbing company is essential - and Voquent are specially positioned to enhance your multilingual appeal.

Voquent are more than just a dubbing company, we are an organisation dedicated to excellence in localising content for any world market with market-leading speakers and actors. Elevate your project with the top professionals in the world, for any language or accent.

Where many dubbing companies would struggle to offer more niche dubbing services, Voquent are able to provide you with more - all thanks to our signature directory of elite talent. Simply search and filter to hear your ideal speakers with a host of language options. 

Our Dubbing Process →

Voquent's Dubbing Process

Review Material

We receive the files from you and examine them with a fine-tooth comb to put together a fair quote and timeframe for the dubbing services.


The dubbing services begin, we will translate the content and record new performances that match your preferred language across a wide variety of mediums.

Audio Mix

Finally, we either reinsert and mix the audio content into the initial project or provide you with the transformed audio in any file format for seamless integration into your media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dub mean?

The act of replacing dialogue and audio from a project with the same content in a new language is at the core of a dub. Although, it's slightly more involved than a typical localization job, as dubbing services normally require the reintegration of the dialogue to be carefully synced up with the original visuals - providing the illusion that the characters are speaking in another language. 

A dubbing company must be prepared to go the extra mile in its efforts to achieve quality results. While there are many organisations prepared to do this for top tier languages like English, German, or French - it's much rarer to find a dubbing company capable of providing outstanding dubbing services for less common languages. 

Voquent has a massive array of voice actors in any world language, so you can rest assured that you are getting the top performance for your dub.

What does dub mean in anime?

Anime dubbing is one of the most common forms of dubbing services, as the wide popularity of Anime in the western world demands it is released in English. While you may be a sub lover - as dubbing and subbing in anime is contentious - it's undeniable that dubbing services are essential for some people to enjoy this content. 

Many viewers are turned off if they can't watch their favourite content in their own language, and don't enjoy reading dialogue. Capturing this audience means accommodating their needs with a quality dubbing company, like Voquent, capable of tailoring content into any world language.

How much does dubbing cost?

There is no guaranteed price point for quality dubbing services. As a dubbing company that provides high-quality results, we have settled at From $30 per minute (changes subject to language). 

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