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Subtitling Services

Invite the world into your story with high quality subtitles in any language.

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Professional subtitling services not only provide you with high-quality and reliable translations. They give a competitive edge to your film by making it easily accessible to viewers worldwide. 

Professional Subtitling Services

Without subtitles, video content is inaccessible to a considerable portion of the world's population.

A quick and painless way for businesses and entertainment companies to capitalize on foreign audiences is by having professional subtitles created to allow viewers anywhere to more easily consume the content.

Voquent's expert subtitling services offer your team a fast, reliable and affordable subtitling solution that will significantly improve your reach—giving you more followers, buyers and fans.

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Voquent Subtitling Services

Gain easy access to global audiences

Everyone deserves the same access to film and online video, no matter their native language. Every year, millions of people worldwide cannot enjoy video content because of their language or cultural barriers.

Subtitles are essential, adding value to language learners, non-natives and the deaf and hard of hearing. Our technical expertise in languages, technology and video allows us to access cutting-edge processes to provide a customized solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need closed captions or subtitles and what's the difference?

Subtitles are intended for foreign audiences, interpreting the speech. Closed captions are for native audiences, e.g. English captions for English speakers, and the target audience is deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions also include sound descriptions and can be turned on/off.

Subtitles are burnt into the video and cannot be disabled. Learn more about the difference in our blog Closed Captioning vs Subtitles: What is the Difference? >

What's the difference between open and closed captions?

Open captions are synonymous with subtitles. They are burnt-in/hard encoded into the video files and cannot be turned on/off. Open captions can be styled in any font, colour or placement. In contrast, the video player determines the appearance of closed captions, not the subtitler. Closed captions are a timed-text file format such as SRT or WebVTT. When captions are turned on, e.g. on a Netflix show, the player renders the text on-screen.

What do subtitling services cost?

To create subtitles of the highest quality, there are four steps: transcription, spotting, translation and video encoding. The price you pay depends on the amount of speech, whether sound descriptions are needed, source language(s), target language(s), subject matter etc. For our complete subtitling services, prices start from $18 per minute.

Learn more about subtitling prices >

How long does it take to create subtitles?

It depends on the duration of the video content and the type of material. Creating subtitles for film and TV is much quicker than corporate or web videos. We spot/transcribe 10-20 minutes of video content per hour and translate 20-40 mins per day, per language. The minimum turnaround for translating subtitles to one language such as Spanish with burn-in is 48 hours. We'll always provide the expected turnaround time when we review the material

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