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Spanish Subtitling Services

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Take your first steps into the Spanish-speaking world and engage 600 million people worldwide with our accurate subtitling services. 

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About Spanish Subtitling Services

Rushing to meet a deadline, only to realise your Spanish subtitles are way off the mark? Yep, we've all been there. Worse still, all that time invested in the development of your content could be for nought.

With Voquent, you will experience perfect subtitles every single time. We are experts in PAL vs NTSC, and we help you cut costs by providing unrivalled Spanish subtitling services for film & tv, corporate videos, social promos and more.

It's taken us a good few years to hone our craft, and you are the beneficiary.

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We review the film and provide a quote.

We'll check your content's suitability for the Spanish-speaking audience and provide an instant subtitling quote.

We create the Spanish subtitles.

Selected your preferred subtitling style and we'll go ahead and create the Spanish subtitles perfectly synced to video.

We burn-in the Spanish subtitles to video.

Our team will provide the video back to you in any video file or timed-text format.

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Learn more about subtitling for the Spanish-speaking market

Spanish is a widely spoken language, the second-highest in the world. Around 463 million native speakers and 123 million secondary speakers, almost 8% of the world's population. Spanish is one of the most learned second languages in the world.

Generally, Spanish is a broad term for the language, as it changes on a country-by-country basis. Even within Spain, this language is broken into various dialects. So certified professionals need to assist in translation, which is included in our Spanish subtitling services.

The film industry in Spain is alive and well. Many of the top watched movies are imported from Hollywood. Localising content for this audience is vital; with so many native speakers, it is one of the top markets to access. 

Sadly, there is a substantial number of Spanish speakers with hearing disabilities. Over 11% of the population in Spain suffer from some form of hearing loss, well above the worldwide average of about 5%. This audience relies on quality subtitling to access content. We believe that access is a right, not a privilege - so we want to do everything we can to produce the most accurate subtitles possible with our Spanish subtitling services.

So it makes sense that a large portion of the Spanish speaking population could benefit from greater accessibility. 

Why Voquent?

Voquent's Spanish subtitling services are the best on the market. Not only do we transcribe and translate your videos, but we also meticulously perfect the subtitle timings with pinpoint accuracy. We do not rely on a machine to generate transcriptions and translations or low-skilled workers. The Voquent subtitling team comprises highly experienced and talented translators, editors, and subtitle designers.

Our Spanish subtitling services are market-leading. We only use human linguistic specialists and never auto-generation. This way, we can ensure context and nuances are carried over to your final product. Delivered in any file format you want.

Whether you are looking for closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing or open captions in any subtitling style—we've got this.

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