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USA: 1 332 2131 466

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        Voice Actor Casting Services

        The world's best voice-over casting technology is at your fingertips.

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        With our advanced tools, you can find a voice that fits your project perfectly.

        Born out of necessity

        Find your voices

        Thousands of approved voice actors daily add their demos to the Voquent platform. Use the advanced search to filter results by language, accent, tone and style.

        Unlike generic casting sites, it's easy to find unique regional accents and hear audio that matches specific characteristics.

        Get specific.

        Born out of necessity

        Shortlisting and auditions

        We offer top voice actor casting services for any medium, from AAA video games and high-end animations to indie films or international commercials. 

        Heart your favourite demos to create a shortlist or click Get Quote for free casting assistance.

        With Voquent's global reach, our casting calls can net thousands of auditions, but even smaller projects benefit from the highly engaged community.

        Born out of necessity

        From casting to production

        We'll be in touch within the hour of receiving your request. We'll help you refine your brief, check availability with your selected voices, or provide recommendations that match your needs and budget.

        Our dedicated engineers are ready to tackle your audio-visual needs, drawing on their wealth of experience to craft dream-like results. 

        But you are in control. You can live direct the voice-over recording sessions or let our team handle it on your behalf.

        When the voice-over is approved, we can help with post-production services like audio editing, music sourcing and mixing, video localisation and more.


        We focus on the rapid delivery of high-quality recordings at a competitive price. Whether you want to record on location or remotely, we’ve got your back.

        Contact us on

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        +44 (0) 203 6033 676 (UK)

        +1 332 2131 466 (USA)


        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is voice actor casting?

        Content creators must hunt for the perfect voice when they want to bring a character to life or narrate a project. This talent search is known as 'casting' in the entertainment industry.

        The casting process will usually revolve around two aspects, who the voice actor is and how they sound. Your project may require a voice-over produced in a specific location, by talent with a certain amount of experience, or of a particular gender. The performance will require a unique list of vocal attributes, including language, accent, tone, characteristics, and pitch.

        Casting sites like Voquent help customers find the voice that matches the project requirements, whatever they may be.

        How to cast voice actors?

        The potential for voice actor casting has amplified since the advent of the internet. Classic methods involve casting calls and the client receiving auditions from agents and voices. This is a long-winded approach that can take so much time. Modern methods involve databases of Samples that can easily be listened to, all of which relate to the search parameters of the client.

        Breaking down the elements of Samples by their characteristics is essential. Focusing on style, tone, medium, language, and accent is pivotal to finding the correct voice performance and casting voice actors that match your brief. 

        How to make a casting call for voice actors

        A casting call must contain all the relevant information that a voice actor needs so that, in turn, the voice actor can provide you with an audition matching your needs. A casting call should include the following information: 

        • Who you are
        • What the project is (including medium, genre, and general content description)
        • Character descriptions
        • How much work is involved (word count)
        • Timeframe for recording
        • Recording aspects (remote or on-location, will it be live-directed?)
        • Content trigger warnings
        • Payment information (is the project paid per word or hourly, and how much is the pay?) 
        • Audition instructions (including an audition script, file specifications, and the deadline) 

        How much does voice actor casting cost?

        Typically, the cost of voice actor casting varies on the number of roles, the desired unique attributes of the character, and the number of options available.

        You can start FREE by using a casting platform like Voquent's to browse demos and create shortlists yourself. Alternatively, paying for casting services will give you access to the top-tier talent available via individual agencies. Typically this is charged at an hourly or daily rate.


        Ready to get started?

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