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Looking for expert voice-over services?

When looking for the right sound for your project, it makes sense to look to the internet for the solution. However, with such a wide selection, it can be near impossible to find high-tier professionals. 

At Voquent, we guarantee top calibre voice-over talents to choose from. We maintain an exclusive and elite repository of specialists. By vetting and approving every speaker, our catalogue remains the best of the best. 

Any language or accent. In countless global cities, the voice-over talents in the Voquent network are unbeatable. 

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Voice-over is ubiquitous. Each day we all hear professional voice talent on TV Commercials, internet videos and telephone systems. Yet, the process for producing professional voice-over audio is unseen, shrouded in mystery.

Let's peel back the curtain.

Our mission is to help customers worldwide in their quest to find the best voice talent for any creative or business endeavour. We help with copywriting and translation into any language, and we have a vast network of partner studios, agencies and professionals in every corner of the earth.

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Voice-over definition

Throughout the Voquent platform, we have chosen to spell voice-over with a hyphen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is voice-over?

Voice-over is the digital audio read from a script by a voice-over talent in a professional recording studio. The purpose of voice-over is to engage and captivate audiences with expressive performances and leave a lasting, meaningful emotional connection. An essential component of any high-quality production, you can hear voice-over in advertising, video games, movies, social media, eLearning, audiobooks and many other mediums.      

What makes a good voice-over?  

Several factors determine what creates good voice-over. High-quality equipment, an isolated acoustic environment and professional audio engineering are all essential. A voice talent's previous training and experience level with specific mediums determine the nature of their performance. Their recording will match a script's tone, style, and pace with relevant inflexions, pauses, and intonations. A great voice-over will both embody and enhance the message. 

How much does a voice-over cost?  

The cost of a voice-over depends on various factors. The length of a script (word count) will determine the time required for recording, typically referred to as the BSF (Basic Session Fee). Professional voice talents generally subscribe to industry standard rates that vary by language and country. The audiences, territories and broadcast mediums intended for promotion and paid media campaign will determine the Usage license fees that may also be required.    

How do I buy a voice-over?

Start by identifying the key attributes you are seeking for your voice-over. Use the Voquent Search tool to explore and define the vocal qualities that matter to you the most. When you feel a sense of connection to a voice-over talent, use the heart icon to add them to your shortlist. When you are finished shortlisting talent, complete your submission by clicking the 'Get Quote' button, and we will contact you to review the budget, availability and delivery timescales.