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IVR Voice Actors

Browse Voquent's approved IVR voice actors and find your perfect telephone voice.

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About IVR Voice Actors

IVR is an important element of modern customer service strategies. Connecting with customers during an automated phone call can be difficult. It's easy for listeners to become frustrated with inorganic, mundane speakers. Our directory contains experienced IVR voice actors to make the experience of interactive voice response systems easy. 

Voquent's network of voice actors is immense, we have professional speakers in any language or accent, from around the world. The ability to reach countless audiences is within your reach, as we can localise your IVR systems for any region or country. With our search function, it's simple to filter and listen to Demos that match your specifications exactly.

Finding the perfect IVR voice actor can bring your system into a brand new realm of professionalism.

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Some IVR systems can feel far too automated and inorganic, leading to a higher hang-up rate. Choosing an engaging voice that not only serves to fulfil the purpose of your IVR but keeps your callers happy.

An IVR voice actor doesn’t need to sound mundane or boring. While most IVR systems have a generic style, voice actors who specialize in IVR can generate more organic sounding IVR response trees. The voice acting style is similar to that of the announcer style

The tone and pitch of IVR voice actors are important. They tend to adopt an authoritative and eloquent tone. IVR voice acting has the added benefit of voicing lines for a particular brand, and these lines can reflect that brand’s image. For example, if you sell craft beers, you could opt for a young, friendly male voice. If you are a brand selling make-up, then perhaps a young, friendly-sounding male voice actor may not be for you. You may want a higher-pitched female voice, for example. Where the two styles differ more prominently is in pacing.

We understand that IVR voice actors can be hard to select. If you cannot find what you need, you can always reach out to us. We can recommend voice actors we think would be suitable for your project. We also make sure to vet and approve every voice actor we work with before listing them on our site - helping you to get the best quality audio available within your budget!

Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s unrivalled online service quickly connects customers with experienced voices of all types, tones and characteristics.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of vocal projects.

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