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B2B Voice Actors

Find incredible B2B voice actors for your promo, corporate video or presentation now.

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About B2B Voice Actors

Business-to-Business (B2B) content is a leading form of advertising across businesses. Authentic voice actors will help you build your brand in the minds of other companies. B2B marketing campaigns can take many forms. Some of the more popular video formats for this project are webinars, demos, and social media posts. 

Our voice acting talent will be able to connect with your audience in a way that properly represents your company. A lacklustre B2B voice actor may come across as timid and unsure, nails in the coffin for a company marketing campaign. Our powerful search tool will filter out weaker voices, with authoritative, confident tones showing up. Filter and listen to tagged voice Demos on our directory to find the perfect match for your project. 

Connecting with businesses can be an international endeavour. There is no reason to limit your project when you have access to Voquent's elite network of B2B voice actors in any language or accent. 

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The perfect B2B voice actor will know how to harness their speech to match a corporate style video correctly. While this may seem simple, it can be pretty complicated for the untrained eye - or rather, untrained voice!

This authoritative tone does not mean that your video should sound intimidating or stern – not at all! The B2B voice actor hired should speak authoritatively, yes, but they should also have a conversational element to their tone. After all, you are looking to open opportunities with other businesses—a form of conversation. 

In contrast, you don't want the tone to stray into sounding nurturing, like a documentary or educational style. The nurturing tone may be construed as condescending. Always remember you are discussing your business and services as an equal – not as a teacher. 

Our search functionality does not end there. When approaching foreign companies, nothing must be lost in translation. At Voquent, we pride ourselves in offering thousands of dialects to ensure proper localisation of B2B content in hundreds of world languages or accents.

Localising content for different audiences will doubtlessly help you connect with businesses all over the world. It also looks tremendously impressive and inclusive for a company to go the extra mile to accommodate less spoken languages.

If you are struggling to convert your script to another language, never fear; we are here! We offer extensive translation services for your video content. We want to help you at every stage of production, from casting your B2B voice actor to producing the finished audio.

Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s unrivalled online service quickly connects customers with experienced voices of all types, tones and characteristics.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of vocal projects.

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