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English Narrators

Find unique English-speaking narrators for audiobooks, documentary films and eLearning.

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Upgrade your audio experience with a Voquent approved narrator speaking with any native English accent. Browse Demo Samples by accent, genre and tone to create a shortlist, and a producer will get back to you with an instant fixed quote.

About English Narrators

There is no language with the same global appeal as English. It is the most widely spoken world language by far - with over a 7th of the world's population speaking it. 

Discovering an English narrator with the appropriate accent can elevate your content, tremendously. Approaching an audience with a local speaker is a great way to enhance engagement with your viewership. Using a northern accent for commercials in Manchester will definitely be appreciated and well-received. 

Access our massive network of English speakers through our Demo search toolbar, listen to tagged Samples and cast quickly and easily. 

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Voquent English Narrators

Learn more about English speaking narrators

Currently, English is an official language in 67 different nations and 27 non-sovereign entities and an official language of the United Nations, European Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, Caribbean Community, Turkic Council, and many more international organizations.

The modern English we speak today has a long and detailed history, beginning life as Old EnglishThe popularity of English worldwide was undoubtedly down to the colonial era of the British Empire. The spread of English worldwide has made the language the 3rd most spoken native language after Standard Chinese and Spanish. And the dominant 1st most popular, when accounting for English as a second language.

Selecting the best English narrator for your project is vital. When choosing, consider the target audience's dialect, gender, and age carefully. Experienced English narrators can convey your brand message, product, or project to billions of people worldwide. Choose a narrator to engage with your specific listeners to create the best engagement. 

There are many English narrator accents to choose from, such as Australian, Canadian, Scottish, Irish, and more.

We make sure to vet all English narrators we work with to ensure that you get the best quality audio possible. Our worldwide reach means that if an English narrator doesn't have a home studio to meet your requirements, we can book a local recording studio to the voice's location – no matter where they are.

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