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Klingon Voice Actors

Need something that makes a statement? Hire a professional Klingon Voice Actor.

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Limited online voice actor demos immediately available for this criteria. Please contact our production team for rapid assistance.


Looking for voice actors performing in a particular style or language?

Voquent's world-class production team are ready to guide you at every step of your project, from casting and selecting voice actors to script translation, recording and post-production.

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About Klingonese and Klingon Voice Actors

The Klingon language is spoken throughout the universe, but with only a few dozen fluent Klingon speakers on Earth, it can be difficult to get a professional recording done quickly with a skilled voice actor.

The lucrative (albeit difficult) market of the Planet Kronos (Qo' noS) is of strategic importance to any universal business. And Voquent is well placed to help with everything from Klingon script translation to voice casting and professional studio quality recording services.


Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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More about Klingon voice actors

At Voquent we recognise the high importance of quality recordings within tight timescales. Indeed Galactic peace could be threatened!

We've selected the best Klingon speakers and voice actors available on earth. So whether you're promoting a product or service, or creating an entertaining Holodeck quest. We'll help you captivate your Klingon speaking audience anywhere.

Klingon speech can sound guttural and harsh to soft human ears. The Klingon Language Institute has an excellent page dedicated to spellings and pronunciation. You can even hear audio samples of the spoken words.

Check it out and if you’re brave why not try to learn Klingon for yourself? Lu’ (Yes, OK, I’ll do it!)? Great, we’ve saved you a few clicks. Here are two of Earth’s best Klingon language teachers on YouTube:

You may also be interested to know, Klingon is not only spoken on the planet Kronos (Qo’ noS), it’s also a native language of at least 16 other known planets and 5 star systems!
Keen interstellar travellers will find it incredibly useful to – at the very least – know the phrase lojmlt ylpoSmoH!  It may convince the Klingon holding you captive to ‘open the door’ and let you out, but there are no guarantees.
Klingon is a fascinating language. At Voquent we can connect you to actors who can speak the language fluently. Whether you need Klingon for a fan project, video game or a new Star Trek movie.

That’ll be considered: maj (good) if you’re a Klingon, which translates to ‘Awesome’ if you’re an over-enthusiastic and emotional human like us!

Live long and prosper friends!

Above you can listen to Earth’s best Klingon speaking voice actors. Of course, if you require a different accent or language, you can search using our search tool or reach out to us.


Choose Klingon voice actors to engage an audience of:



In the Klingon Empire (Star Date: 2409)



People in the Klingon Empire (Star date: 2409)



Credit Value of the Klingon Empire to tap into (Star date: 2409)

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