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German Accent Voice Actors

We've got German, Austrian and Swiss voice actors speaking in English

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About German Accents

Got a B2B project needing some audio? Or maybe you have a documentary needing some finishing touches from a voice actor? A DACH voice actor could be just what you are looking for. DACH voice actors tend to convey an aura of sophistication with a casual but serious feel. Perfect for business presentations!

DACH is an acronym for D — Deutsch (German), A — Österreich (Austria), CH — Schweiz (Switzerland). We work with English-speaking voice actors from all DACH countries speaking with native German, Austrian or Swiss accents. As a global voice actor agency, we have access to all three.

Seize this opportunity to make your project, no matter what it is, the best that it can be. Many projects or companies overlook the importance of high-quality audio in connecting with their listener or viewer. Engage them with a stylish DACH accent!

When you choose to work with Voquent, you are choosing to work with one of the most efficient voice-acting companies in the world. Find your perfect DACH voice actor today!


Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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Learn more about German speakers

Germany has the 4th largest economy globally and is well-regarded for its flourishing tech and engineering industries. A voice-over in English with a German, Austrian or Swiss accent (DACH accent) is frequently required for everything from corporate videos and presentations to video game character voices.

By utilizing a voice actor with a DACH accent you associate your brand, product, or character with the international perception of the region... That is to be hard-working, intelligent, and detail-oriented.

This makes the DACH accent an ideal choice for the tech or healthcare industries. For example an explainer video about a new drug or corporate video detailing a tech product launch.

Without any doubt, the most well-known German-accented Hollywood star ever is Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous for his movie roles in The Predator, Terminator, and Total Recall. Schwarzenegger has a native Austrian accent and Austria are one of four countries in the DACH region including Germany, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland.

We also have a languages page that serves the different world languages available from our voices. Although we don’t have a huge number of samples with the DACH accent on the website, most German, Austrian, and Swiss voice actors speak fluent English.

They train themselves to speak with a Euro-Neutral accent. However, they can often make their accents heavier, making it easier to identify them as specific to the DACH countries.

On this page, you can hear voice actors speaking English with foreign accents from the German-Speaking DACH countries. Why not take a look at our other pages where you can hear voice actors speaking in many other English accents including Scandinavian, British, American, and Eastern European.

Why select a voice actor with a German Accent?

German accents are desirable for projects of many types, including...


B2B explainers and presentations about products or services created for a DACH audience.


To promote products and services originating from or exported to the German-speaking markets.


Manuals and training material for German-made products to offer build authority and trust. 

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