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Turkish Language Voice Actors

Hire professional Turkish Language speaking voice actors for any project.

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About Turkish language voice actors

The Turkish language is not restricted to just its homeland. The Turkish diaspora constitutes a large portion of the Turkish speaking world, across over 30 different countries.

There are over 75 million Turkish speakers, many of which located outside of Turkey. These countries represent much of the Turkish speaking world, in various different dialects.

Getting an authentic, native Turkish language voice actor is important to get your message out there to Turkish people across the globe.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online service quickly connects customers with experienced voice actors speaking with any accent or language.

We make casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on location for all types of voice-over projects.

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Learn more about Turkish language voice actors

Finding a Turkish language voice actor is tricky when targeting the Turkish diaspora, as some of these dialects are not mutually intelligible and require linguistic experts. At Voquent, we can help find the perfect Turkish language voice actor for your project, and help you produce it from start to finish.

The Modern standard Turkish accent is based on the dialect of Istanbul. After the fall of Constantinople, and the revision of the city into Istanbul, the potential for migration increased tremendously. The mass distribution of Turkish across the world can be attributed to this moment.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire introduced Turkish to the Balkans. As a result, this language is still spoken by minority groups in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Romania. These variations of Turkish do not abide by the rules of modern standard Turkish. The Turkish language developed differently to those of Turkey and Cyprus.

Besides Turkey, Turkish is an official language in Cyprus, besides Cypriot Greek. While the two languages once had a rather peaceful and mutual influence on each other’s dialects, this is has been on the downturn. Since Cyprus has been more strictly divided in the 1970s, Turkish Cypriots’ dialect is more in line with the modern standard Turkish, spoken in Turkey. There still remain some subtle differences, though.

Turkish language voice actors speak to audiences of various regional distinctions. At Voquent, we understand and appreciate these unique factors to each dialect of Turkish. That is why we have voice actors and recording studios across the world, to make certain you get your project completed by a voice actor with the precise dialect you are looking for.

We have native linguistic experts on hand to ensure that your project is properly translated to the audience you are looking to reach. We also handle production; you just decide and shortlist your Turkish language voice actors and we will take care of the rest. No hassle.

We provide these services across any language you require.

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