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Singaporean Voice-Over Talents

Expertly craft the perfect message and evoke the essence of Singapore with native Singaporean voice-over talent.

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About our Singaporean Voice-Over Talents.

The casting process often takes too long, so we came up with something better. We designed our powerful search functionality to put you in contact with your perfect native Singaporean voice-over professional in no time at all.

Filter by various vocal attributes. Whether you require a Singapore native working remotely from a home studio, in a particular tone, or even with experience in a specific medium, we have a comprehensive catalogue of voice-over talent and audio producers to put your project together with ease.

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Why Voquent?

Why Voquent?

Voquent’s innovative online voice-over services quickly connect customers with experienced voice talents and studios from any city.

We make voice-over casting and recording a fun and creative collaboration, producing captivating performances remotely or on hundreds of location worldwide.

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Find Talent by Location

Verified home studios

With over 80% of Singaporean voice-over talent recording from a home studio, quality control is of paramount importance. We take audio quality seriously, and our engineering team listens to every demo to ensure it meets our minimum professional standards.

So, whether you are casting for professional voice talents for an audiobook, commercial or AAA video game title, you have the assurance our team has already checked the home studio recording environment is capable of delivering high-quality audio.

Go Local

If you're looking for voice-over services in a specific location, Voquent's talent search will empower you to browse and identify Singaporean voice talents available in specific city or country.

If you are seeking Singaporean voice talents in your desired location but getting limited results, contact us for recommendations. Our extensive offline network includes a wide range of additional voice talent, agencies and studio partners from around the world.

If you're a Singaporean voice-over talent or actor seeking work, please sign-up online FREE to get heard by casting directors worldwide. Whilst having a home studio helps, it's not essential. We frequently book talents into local studios for all kinds of exciting projects.

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The best way to market to an audience is to connect emotionally with them—no easy feat. Companies spend millions trying to penetrate new markets, only to fail because they could not relate to their listeners. Don't make this error by taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your voice-over translations. Use native Singaporean voice-over talent to augment your message.

Singaporean Female Voice-Over Talent reading narration script into microphone.

The Singaporean economy is massive and continues to grow exponentially. The country is a world leader in technology. It is fully integrated with the web, harnessing immense internet speeds and a love for gaming media. Singapore is well-positioned for targeting online commercials and video games.

Despite its colonial history, Singapore has become an independent nation with a great wealth of diversity and identity. You can use native Singaporean voice-over talent to reach this country with authenticity in every word. A native expert will pick up on nuances and subtleties that cannot be replicated by a non-native. 

Our market-leading team of audio production experts will assist you at each stage. From translation to delivery, we are in your corner to breathe life into your project. 

Also, consider our range of accessibility services in any language or accent that will take your project to disabled people. 

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