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Video Localization Services - Voquent

Video Localization Services

Reach any global audience with video localization services to tailor your content to any language.

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No matter the subject or genre; there are audiences around the world that are just waiting to see your content. Voquent are the perfect video localization agency to transform your project into any language, to suit any demographic. Release your potential with our top-quality video localization services.

Video Localization Agency for Any Language

There are countries and languages out there, most of which have modern media tastes and are constantly on the lookout for video content. With such a globalized world, why should you limit your potential reach to a single country? Our video localization services are geared toward helping you harness a global market.

Voquent is a video localization agency specialising in all things language. Our professional production team have a wealth of experience in content creation and are prepared to cater your project to a new, foreign-speaking market. With exceptional precision, we will translate, subtitle, and transform your video to match your desired demographic.

We will ensure that you get the highest quality results at an affordable price point. We don’t use machine generation at any stage of our video localization services. It may be quicker, but it is guaranteed to pale in comparison to a qualified human expert. 

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There is a multitude of types of video content out there. Whether you are working on an eLearning, entertainment, or news piece, we can perfectly adjust it for foreign markets. This can be as simple as just adding foreign language subtitles to adding an entirely new dub track with a professional voice actor.

Select options to match your budget, only pay for what you want to include from our video localization services. We offer varying dimensions through which you may adapt your video to a new audience – contact us about your project and outline your preferences.

What we need to get started

Ideally, the best starting point would have you provide us with all the files that we need to produce high-quality video localization services. The original video files, graphics, audio, effects, animations, and whatever else may be relevant in the localization process.

When we have all the moving parts sorted out we can get to work on your project. These original core files are important in this process as they mean we can match the quality of the video once it has gone through our video localization agency’s signature process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is video localization?

Video localization services are all about altering a video to fit a new audience demographic, typically in another language. Localizing content for another country can be tricky for companies without our network of talented translators, subtitlers, and voices. Our process for altering a video for a new language will require you to provide us with various elements of the video – such as the source film, graphics, audio and more. 

What are video localization best practices?

When proceeding with video localization services, we ensure to adhere to particular practices to ensure nothing but quality. Many organizations will use machine generation of translations and subtitling, which is a quick process but lacks precision and quality. In essence, this is guaranteed to be inferior to manually crafted localization, performed by human experts. At Voquent, we always use our talented production team to work on each project personally.

What is the video localization process?

The process of video localization services begins when you send us your video content. Send over all the raw elements that make up your initial project; video footage, graphics, animations, audio – anything. From there we can get to work altering the video for localization into a new language. By working with our various partners, we can ensure that any language that you want to target is completely within your grasp. Build your plan around your budget – choose from among our functions and we can provide as in-depth an experience as we can.

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