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German Video Translation Services - Voquent

German Video Translation Services

We have industry-leading German video translation services to reach audiences in Berlin and beyond.

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There is no reason that your video content should be restricted to one language. You may be using video to advertise to German audiences online or promote a hit film's German version. Voquent's video translation services offer perfection in linguistic replication for visual projects.

Perfect Adaptation for German Audiences

No matter your country, we are all citizens of the same planet. The internet guarantees this little cosmic entity continues to shrink. So why limit your audience to a single language?

Germany offers an incredible opportunity for a wide range of German video translation projects to flourish. The high quality of life provided to citizens of this European leader perfectly positions this country for video content.

With a wealth of disposable income among the average German, there is no market riper for digital video advertising or corporate videos.

English is spoken widely among Germany's population, but German video translation services are a worthy investment if you really want to impress. Show your respect for their culture, and they will love your authenticity! 

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Learn more about German video translation services

While we frequently work with businesses in our language translations that isn't our only forte. We provide German video translations in support of countless eLearning, news, and entertainment projects as well.

Not every client we assist has an unlimited budget. That is why our wide range of services cover all price points. Our most affordable method is German subtitling services. You can combine this with our subtitling translations and further craft your message to your brand preferences with our subtitling style selection.

A German video translation alone can be a powerful addition to your project. But nothing amplifies your translation efforts like a German voice-over.

What we need to get started

First things first. To get to work translating your video, we will need the video source files. These files include all the parts that make up your project; source film, graphics, audio, effects, animations, and anything else that you can think of. Providing us with all the moving parts lets our video editing experts quickly change the various layers to your content for the voice-over translations.

Common editable source file formats include Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

There are also a variety of less common file formats, from niche video maker apps. Don't worry; our team of video production pros have experience with pretty much any editable source files you can think of. Our editors can make most situations work, even if you are struggling with your content – we can provide top-tier German translation services.

After the translation is completed, we can make it available in the ideal file formats for your needs: 16:9, 16:10, 9:16, 1080p, 4k, 8k, mp4, mov, avi, square—the list goes on!

With ingenuity that rivals Deutschland itself – we can help you achieve your perfect German video translations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are German video translation services?

Providing a video or film to a German is rarely as straightforward as just delivering it to this audience. Our video translation services rework the content into a form that is comprehensible for German speakers. Typically, this involves translation and transcriptions of the content for voice actors or narrators to work with. Animations and graphics will likely also require alterations to be suitable for release to viewers in Germany.

What is the cheapest way to translate video?

Many companies will turn to machine-based translations. These are the cheapest way to get content changed from one language to another, as there is very little time spent on the project. While this can be a quick process, it is also noticeably sloppier than human-based video translations. If you are looking to get context, narrative, or important messaging across in your German video translations, you do not want automatic generation of translations.

The added time and effort of manual attention is well worth it.

What is the best way to translate video?

You will need to be ready to give your chosen agency the editable source files for your project for the highest calibre German video translation services. These files enhance the ability to isolate elements of the video project. Access to graphics, animation, audio layers improves how translators can interact with your project, improving the end result. Maximum co-operation ensures that the quality of the final export will match the original video! So there is really no better way to do it. Companies like Voquent also have access to the best equipment and trained translators to ensure your German video translations are the best on-market.

What files do I need available for the best video translation?

You will need to have the editable source files that you would have used in the video editing software to make the video. This can be Adobe Premiere Pro (.prproj), Adobe After Effects (.aep) and Final Cut Pro (.fcp). Of course, there are more types of video editing software with more niche file formats. Many companies may not be prepared to work with every file type, so make sure that your chosen agency has experience with your file type, as Voquent does. Cloud-based video maker apps may not have the ability to download source materials for your German video translations, so make sure to check with your video translator.

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